Toyota Tacoma Past, Present & Future

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most easily recognized and popular pickup trucks available in America today. While you are likely to see one any time you go out for a drive, how much do you know about the history of the Tacoma? Did you know that the Tacoma gets its name from the one given to Mt. Rainier in Washington by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest? The first generation Tacoma debuted in 1995, offering the world a compact pickup that immediately gained traction in the market.

The first generation was in production for 10 years until the second generation reclassified the Tacoma as a mid-size truck. In 2015, the fifth generation Tacoma continues to be popular with drivers looking for a dependable truck for personal use. The new version of the Toyota Tacoma has upgraded interior and safety features, such as leather detailing, and active headrests that lower the chance of injury. For 2016, Tacoma gets a total remodel that includes a new face, interior, and controls that you can discover for yourself at your local Toyota dealership.


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