Toyota Prius vs. the Competitors

cf521d23-96e7-4e1a-a356-e0684ead9ba91When you’re in the market for a new car, it is important to do your homework on your options. Finding the perfect car for you and your family is more than just about outward appearance. Research what is under the hood and between the bumpers to find the vehicle that meets every one of your needs and exceeds your expectations. Dealing with traffic and a daily commute in the Los Angeles area has its challenges. You need a car that is going to give you peace of mind while out on the road, as well as all of the style, comfort, and features you deserve for yourself and your passengers. Compare the Toyota Prius to other competitors’ models of hybrid and electric vehicles, and you’ll be able to see why more and more drivers are turning to the Prius. Then visit North Hollywood Toyota, your Los Angeles Toyota dealer, to see their GINORMOUS inventory and pick out your new Prius to drive off the lot.

Differences between Prius Models

One of the reasons that the Toyota Prius has become such a popular hybrid vehicle over the years is that it offers drivers the ability to get the exact car they want, instead of a “one-size-fits-all” model. Auto Trader notes that the Prius lineup has grown to include the larger Prius v and smaller Prius c, after being limited to just a single vehicle for more than a decade after first being introduced. Now that you have more options when shopping for a Prius, it is important to understand the differences between the various models. This will help you choose the right Prius for your needs, which you can then compare to the competition to see how it stacks up in terms of price and features.

From the outside, each of the three Prius models has a distinct size and shape. At the smaller end, the Prius c is a hatchback and does not have a side window behind the C-pillar at the rear corners of the car. It is the most traditional of the three vehicles when it comes to its style and shape, differing from the distinct Prius body of the others. Both the standard Prius and the Prius v share much of the same structure, with the main difference being the Prius v’s larger cargo area.

44fbb912-7aea-425f-bcf7-b6b267f73e511On the inside, the Prius c is the only one with its gear selector mounted to the floor, and it also comes with circular air vents, as opposed to squared. For the larger models, the Prius v has more than 13 cubic feet more cargo room and space up front for drivers to place a purse or other item. Under the hood, the Prius c tops out at 99 horsepower, while the larger models get 134 horsepower. Both the Prius and Prius c have a combined average of 50 miles per gallon, while the Prius c achieves 44 miles per gallon. All three hybrids produce attractive fuel economy numbers, especially for Los Angeles-area drivers dealing with crippling traffic on the freeways and crowded city streets.

Each of the three Prius vehicles has its own set of features and technology, which can be used to compare them to hybrids from competitive automakers. By comparing them to top competition, you’ll see why drivers are choosing the Prius experience and doing so at their Los Angeles Toyota dealer.

What About the Chevrolet Volt?

The Toyota Prius has long established itself as the go-to vehicle for those wanting to own a hybrid. Over the last few years, new challengers have emerged in the hybrid and electric vehicle markets, including the Chevrolet Volt, but how does it stack up against the standard-setting Prius? It is important to see the distinction between the Volt’s appeal and the appeal of the Prius to see how convenience and costs play a role in your decision.

546f3c6a-86e5-4819-9018-094ace97ce931Most cars that run only on battery power are severely limited in driving range. The Volt offers drivers the ability to cover up to 40 miles, solely on electricity, before the motor kicks in. This is in comparison to the Prius hybrid-electric engine. To know which option works better for your needs, look at how each will affect mileage and your schedule. The standard Prius model gets 50 miles per gallon, which are miles stronger than the Volt (37 mpg), once the Volt’s engine switches over from electric power. Commuters know that sitting in traffic in Los Angeles can be a nightmare, so having the most fuel-efficient car on the road can work wonders.

When you are driving into or through the city on a daily basis, you will find that the gas mileage you get from the Prius is refreshing. While you can use electricity with the Volt to get some of your trip completed, you also need to spend hours on end charging it before it is ready to go again. Both the Volt and Prius receive top marks on safety tests from the federal government and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), making them excellent choices for individuals and families alike. However, between the two, only the Prius earned the distinction of being a Top Safety Pick+ in 2015.

Toyota Prius vs. Ford C-Max and Honda Civic

Two other vehicles from top-name automakers that are also vying for market share are the Ford C-Max and the Honda Civic hybrid. In addition to choosing the Prius for what it can do for you with what is has under the hood, another thing to consider is what you can expect on the inside. When comparing the Prius to the C-Max, the results appear to be just about even. Although the C-Max has room to fit four adults, its seats are a bit lower, leaving passengers sitting in a position where their knees are higher than normal. This can be uncomfortable, especially for drivers and passengers who are taller or older.

6edb6e2b-58f5-4ec0-8c8b-8c69ef147c4d1In terms of interior features, both the Prius and C-Max have comparable offerings and packages for drivers that add new levels of comfort and luxury. Prius drivers have the option of a solar moon roof, which uses solar power to run a ventilating fan that cools down the inside of the car. In addition, you can pick the Technology Package to upgrade navigation, sound, and more.

Honda is coming out with a new, highly anticipated Civic for 2016 that comes with a choice of engines. Drivers will choose a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine with Honda’s i-VTEC variable valve timing system, with either CVT automatic, or 6-speed manual transmission. The vehicle’s main features have to do with the entertainment system, which includes a new Display Auto System with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The 2016 Toyota Prius

Experts are excited about the release of the 2016 Prius, the fourth-generation in the series. With an edgier design and upgrades under the hood, drivers can expect an even better driving experience than before. As Tech Times points out, the Prius has built “a reputation for reliability, versatility, and extraordinary fuel economy.”

b5977611-a000-4940-88ff-e446ff4fccfc1-w1024The 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine in the 2016 Prius has two electric motors as well, and it gets 121 total horsepower. While that is lower than the 2015 model, this is due to using a new calculation method that accounts for the horsepower from the gas engine and the electric motors together. The entry-level 2016 Prius will start at around $25,000, with the top-of-the-line model available for around $30,000. In its review of the 2016 Prius, Tech Times also reports that the vehicle has a new design inside and out, as well as greater fuel economy than the current generation. Taken together, the 2016 Prius is helping drive the hybrid vehicle industry into the future.

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