Cutting-edge. User-friendly. Undeniably eco-sensitive. The Toyota Prius is all of these things. In its third generation, Toyota’s iconic hybrid has elegantly demonstrated that there can be harmony between man, nature and machine. Prius has also shown that there can be the consensus among many different types of drivers. Those who demand fuel efficiency, and those who like to take the fast lane. Those intrigued by highly advanced technology, and those who insist on proven reliability. Those interested in reducing their carbon footprint, and those who are hesitant to sacrifice practicality in order to do it. With all that, Prius has to offer, it may well be the one form of transportation that we can all agree upon.

The iconic silhouette of Prius represents more than simply a sleek profile. We invested countless hours in aerodynamic testing to achieve a slick 0.25 drag coefficient. Of course, this wind-slipping shape helps Prius deliver an EPA-estimated amazing mpg rating, but perhaps even more remarkable is how the streamlined shape still allows for a roomy and comfortable interior. And really, it’s only right that relaxation should follow all that hard work.

Over the years, Prius has become synonymous with innovative technology. And among its forward-looking, technology is an available Head-Up Display onto the windshield data such as vehicle speed, Hybrid System Indicator and navigation information. This way, you can stay informed while keeping your eyes safely ahead. What could be more straight forward?

If you are under the impression that driving a hybrid vehicle is somehow less gratifying than driving a traditional vehicle, think again. Hybrid Synergy Drive seamlessly integrates an electric motor and a gasoline engine to offer not only high mileage and low emissions, but also a smooth and remarkably quiet driving experience. In short, it has advanced the art of moving forward.

While Prius is famous for helping to keep the environment cleaner, its spacious interior offers fresh surroundings as well. Its newly redesigned interior features available SofTex trimmed material with high-end stitching, and a center armrest with two cup holders. And the 60/40 split fold-down rear seats help you accommodate a variety of passenger and payload combinations.

It’s like the automotive equivalent of personal space. Among the many innovations offered by Prius, you’ll find technologies to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings and help keep you safe. Available features include a Pre-Collision System designed to help alert you to certain potential hazards in front of you; a backup camera, to help address those behind; and Lane Keep Assist to help you avoid problems on either side. Call it all-around peace of mind. The Prius comes standard with the Star Safety System, a suite of advanced safety features designed to help keep you out of harm’s way. On Prius, the system includes Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, Anti-lock Brake System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist and Smart Stop Technology.