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A smooth ride is an often overlooked feature of a vehicle—until that ride is no longer smooth. When every ride in your car starts to feel like a trip down a washboard road, it’s time for you to visit North Hollywood Toyota for their suspension services.

The suspension system of your car is what keeps your vehicle connected to the road. When the suspension is good, it allows your car or truck to ride smoothly over bumps and to turn reliably. Additionally, the suspension system plays an important role in your overall safety, and more particularly in cases when you need to make emergency maneuvers.

The suspension system of your car is composed of four basic systems: the frame, the suspension system, the steering system, and the tires and wheels. The frame of your car provides the support for all the car’s systems and carries the load of all those components. Much like the skeletal system of your body, a car’s frame provides the structure that makes all the other functions possible.

If the frame is the skeleton of your car, then you might consider the suspension system as the ligaments and tendons. The suspension system utilizes shocks and springs to absorb and dampen shock. It also helps maintain contact between the tire and the road, which is what makes propulsion and turning possible.

The steering system, as the name suggests, allows you to guide your car in the direction you wish to travel.

Finally, the tires and wheels are how your vehicle grips the road. They also play a role in absorbing some of the shock.

Checking in with your mechanic for suspension services is important because, just like anything else, parts wear out. The suspension system of your car is made up of joints, pivot points, and moving and load-bearing parts. As you travel over bumps and turn corners, these different components take on wear. Overtime, they can start to loosen and will eventually fail. This causes your steering to be loose or “sloppy” and may cause strange noises. Caught early, these issues can be fixed before they become very expensive problems. More importantly, the more worn out your suspension system becomes, the more dangerous it is to drive your vehicle. Keeping your suspension system running properly is vital to your safety—and the safety of the other cars sharing the road with you.

Maintaining a properly operating suspension system starts with the tires. Check your car’s manual to know what the proper inflation is for your vehicle. As a general rule, you should check the air pressure of your tires at least every 1,000 to 3,000 miles. Make sure to also check for guidelines on how often to rotate tires. Tire rotation is a good time to check tread depth and wheel alignment as well. Staying on top of these details will help your sustain that smooth ride for the long haul. 

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