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Purchasing a new or used vehicle always has its risks. As soon as you leave the car lot with your shiny new Toyota, you will be out in the real world where bad things sometimes happen. This is why any reasonable dealership will offer a warranty service so that your investment is protected and you will have peace of mind. If you would like additional coverage, you may even opt for the extended warranty to feel extra safe.

The Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Warranty

Toyota’s CUV warranty service is covered by the higher ups of  Toyota rather than your dealership. It is similar o the original manufacturer’s warranty of a new Toyota vehicle and it is designed to cover mechanical failures and roadside emergencies. within the first 12,000 miles or 12 months, Toyota will cover the entire cost of replacing failed components. If you wish to resell the vehicle, the warranty is transferrable t the buyer for the same time period.

The Limited Powertrain Warranty is covered for up to 7 years or the first 7,000 miles. This service will provide roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown on the main road. It will also include lodging and meals if the breakdown occurs a significant distance from your house. If necessary, you will also get a temporary vehicle to use while your Toyota vehicle is being repaired.

If you purchase a used hybrid vehicle, you are covered by the Factory Hybrid Vehicle Battery Warranty for up to 8 years or 800,000 miles. All of the hybrid fuel related components in your car will be covered under this plan. California, in particular, will get coverage for up to 10 years or 150,000 miles

Deciding If You Need An Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is simply a warranty plan that starts as soon as the initial manufacturer’s warranty expires. In many instances, you may find that an extended warranty works out in your favor. When purchasing a used vehicle, you never know what surprises you will have down the line. Perhaps an extended warranty plan will incur additional costs, but you must consider the potential cost of services and replacing parts out of your own pocket.

If you wish, you may seek out warranty deals that are outside of the dealership or the manufacturer. The problem is that many 3rd party warranty providers have varying track records and some may sneak in some terms and conditions that will leave you stranded in certain circumstances. You are better off going with the plan that is offered by the manufacturer as it is often universal and backed by a reputable brand name.

Do the smart thing and think about protecting your new car with an extended warranty service from North Hollywood Toyota. With or without a warranty, be sure to take good care of your vehicle with routine maintenance and careful driving. 

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