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Bumpers are the first part of the vehicle to get damaged in the event of a collision. Bumpers were made to protect the structure of the vehicle. However, just because they are first in line does not mean that they do not deserve care. Here is where bumper repairs services come in.

For your car to always look great, the bumper needs to be repaired and reconditioned to remove any dents, scratches, and indentations. Most bumper parts can be repaired. Once your bumper is repaired, the technician will have an easier time blending the paint accurately and efficiently.

Bumper repair services are covered but not limited to the following.

  • Auto dent removal and traditional dent repair

Auto dent removal ensures that dents are removed from the bumper. It restores the damaged area to its original form and position. In case the metal is stretched during impact, or the dent is too deep to extract, you will need to consider traditional dent repair. The repair is appropriate especially when there is extensive paint damage.

  • Fender repair

Fender damage can either be a small dent, or it can be serious.  There are different body types for vehicles, and all of them can be handled to ensure your car is back to its earlier position before the accident.

  • Paintless dent repair

Paintless dent repair is where the dents are removed without affecting the paint job of the car. The original factory paint is flexible meaning that most dents can be removed without the need to repaint.

For a paintless dent repair to be done, the dent has to be assessed. Pressure is then applied accordingly to manipulate the dent and restore it to its previous form.

  • Auto painting

The paint on your car is the first thing that is noticed by others and yourself. If the finish is scratched, chipped or damaged, you need to go for auto painting. Painting a car is not an easy process. It involves cleaning the vehicle to ensure the surface is clean, prepping for primer, applying primer, sanding the surface then applying paint.

Auto painting needs to be done by professionals so that the car can have its factory appearance back. Painting involves three steps. First, the vehicle gets sprayed with a base coat. After that, the top coat is applied, and a clear coat is used to finish the job. The clear coat is for restoring that factory gloss.

  • Aluminum repair

If your bumper is made of aluminum, you need to have it handled by someone who knows how to work on aluminum to prevent further damage. Aluminum does not mold as easily as steel and has a poor heat response when compared to steel. However, it is stronger and lighter than steel.

If your aluminum bumper gets damaged, you will need aluminum specific tools to remove the dents and reshape the car.

Once you have your bumper fixed, your car will be restored to its pre-accident glory. For more information on bumper repairs services, you can visit North Hollywood Toyota. 

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