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The rubber serpentine belt or the timing belt or the “V” – the belt is known commonly, is placed in front of the engine and, drives engine accessories such as power steering pump, air-conditioning compressor etc. Car manufacturers recommend periodic checking of the belt, as a malfunctioning unit might get you in a lot of trouble including failure to charge the battery. Furthermore, your car might have trouble blowing cold air, and your engine might overheat as a result. Having a problem with your serpentine belt? You might want to hire some professionals for belt service unless you are a tech genius yourself.

Most manufacturers ask car owners to check on the car belt at least annually, once the car gets few years old. Without checking your car might do just fine since belts can last for many years. The normal lifespan of a serpentine belt is estimated to be 50000-60000 miles. Some suggest it may work without repairing for 100000 miles or even more. But what would happen if your belt breaks suddenly and you fail to identify the problem instantly? You are in for a big mess. Trust me. That is why hiring a professional to do a thorough check might be a better idea. In addition, it is hard to tell if your belt needs servicing just by having a look. These modern rubber belts are unlikely to crack open or lose a large chunk of material over years. Then how would you recognize if there is an issue?

Check on the hidden side of the belt. Are there grooves? Did it become slippery? Does it make a squealing noise when the accelerator is on? If “yes,” then sadly, you need a belt service. Otherwise, it would prevent your batteries from charging fully, and the alternator would be struggling to work under reduced power.

There are two common reasons for your serpentine belt to fail all on a sudden. The primary reason is age of your car and miles covered. With increased mileage, the rubber teeth of belt loses its composure, and fails to grip the gears. As a result, the belt slips, and suddenly the pistons and pumps are out of order, making your car engine to fail. On the other hand, water pump seizure might be another reason of sudden belt failure. In such cases, gears might fail and stop turning, leading the force to break your serpentine belt.

How much does your serpentine belt cost? Nothing, compared to the cost of your engine. But failure to replace the belt in a timely manner might set you back by few thousand bucks, or even higher than that. The average cost incurred by blown serpentine belt ranges from $3000-$10000 depending on cars. Surely, you will not want to spend that obscene amount!

Still confused? Call North Hollywood Toyota. Their experts will let you know if your car requires belt servicing, and how much it would cost for you. You will not regret it!

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