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The battery provides electrical power used to run most of the components and accessories in a vehicle, which include lights, windows and radio. This means battery failure will definitely result to the breakdown of your car or truck system. Routine inspection of the car battery is necessary to determine when battery replacement is needed to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Our Battery Replacement Services

At North Hollywood Toyota, we understand the value of a battery in a vehicle. That is why we provide battery replacements that are of high quality and long lasting. Besides, you will enjoy additional services including:

  • Professional battery testing
  • Removing corrosion on battery terminals and cables
  • Proper disposal of the damaged battery

Why You Need Our Battery Services

Battery failure is the leading cause of vehicle breakdown. Battery damage often results from vehicle vibrations and very cold/ hot temperatures. Since vehicles experience these battery-damaging conditions every day, the life expectancy of the batteries is reduced. This makes the battery prone to failure at any time, which will obviously lead to vehicle breakdown. Regular battery inspection will help in knowing when battery replacement is necessary. Timely replacement will not only protect you from being stuck on the road but will also save time and money.

When Do You Need a Battery Replacement?

  • Car does not start
  • All accessories like radio or lights are not working.

Signs Indicating the Battery Needs to Be Checked

Averagely, most batteries are made to last for around four years. However, in case you face any of the following electrical-system faults, it means your battery needs to be checked by our experts:

  • If the car does not turn on completely or turns slowly
  • If electrical components aren’t working
  • In case a vehicle needs jump-starting to run
  • Where the dashboard warning lights are always on.
  • Tips to Help Your Car Battery Work Properly and Last Longer
  • Regularly inspect the battery to ensure no corrosion or dirt.
  • Check and tighten any loose connections.
  • From time to time, disconnect and clean battery terminals and cables.
  • If you are driving on harsh climatic conditions, have the battery checked by experts to ensure it is capable of working properly in such places.
  • Always remember to start with the negative cable when disconnecting your car or truck battery; the same cable should be reattached last.
  • Charge your car battery in a well-ventilated space to avoid any adverse effects of hydrogen released during charging.
  • Chemical spillage from a damaged battery is likely to cause serious burns. Therefore, it should be handled with great care.
  • Corrosion on the cables and terminals is the leading cause of battery damage. Coating can help to prevent corrosion by keeping moisture away, which delays the corrosion process.
  • Damaged cable ends have to be replaced on a regular basis.

We Are Here for All Your Vehicle Needs

At North Hollywood Toyota, you will not only get excellent battery replacements and services, but you also have access to a wide range of used Toyota cars and trucks. Our vehicles are reliable and fit well to the budget of every client. If you are looking for car variety and unrivaled customer experience.

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