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Breathe New Life to your Vehicle with Air Filtration Services

Every day, your car comes in to contact with a lot of dust, particles, and smoke from other vehicles. The constant bombardment of the vehicle exhaust cannot only expose you and your passengers to harmful toxins, but it can also affect the efficiency and power delivery to your car’s engine. And this is the reason you require air filtration services.

A clean air filter is a fool-proof way of improving your car’s overall engine performance. An air filter stops dirt and dust from making its way into the engine and the interior cabin. By getting rid of the dust and other contaminants before they lodge themselves into the engine’s combustion chamber, one is in a position to maximize on the fuel mileage, and engine life of your vehicle. Below are some of the common air filtration services.

Cabin Air Filter Service

Many of the motorists are not even aware of whether their interior cabin has an air filter, it’s location or even how to replace it. Cabin air filters are found in nearly 90% of the vehicles and have been in existence since the mid- the 1980s.

The key function of a cabin air filter is to keep dust, dirt, smoke, pollen and other pollutants from the passenger’s compartment. No matter the time you spend in your car, you want clean air and unpolluted air to breathe. Regular replacement of the cabin air filters reduces the rate of contaminants entering your car through the vent system and can aid in reducing allergy symptoms all year round. Even though most of the manufacturers recommend changing the cabin filters after 10,000-15,000 miles, it ultimately depends on how much and where you drive.

Engine Air Filters

Engine filters cannot hold much dirt, and once the filter is full, it will allow dirt to pass through the engine. The dirt gums the combustion chamber, which ultimately hurts your fuel economy and can even cause damage to the engine. Additionally, it can also contaminate the air flow sensors which impinge on the drivability and are fairly expensive to replace.

To ensure that there’s maximum flow of clean air, ensure that you have the filters changed on a regular basis.

Battery Ventilation Filter Service

For the hybrid vehicles with hybrid batteries, a battery filter prolongs the life of the battery. By providing consistent air flow, the battery filter is kept cool and efficient. A professional technician will inspect the battery for built-up dirt and wear and replace the battery ventilation filter. Let our experienced technicians at North Hollywood Toyota inspect and change all your automotive air filters if necessary. If you filter is clogged, we shall install a new filter at an affordable price and breathe new life to your vehicle. Call us today, or visit North Hollywood Toyota for more information.

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