Teen Driving Safety

As a parent, it can be a scary proposition when your teenager reaches driving age. Making sure that he or she is safe behind the wheel at all times is your top priority. In order to teach your teen driving safety, it is necessary to share statistics surrounding teen drivers, as well as tips for minimizing distractions and navigating situations. When you are teaching your teen about best practices for driving, you should:

  • Set an example by driving safely yourself.
  • Lay out ground rules and create a feeling of responsibility by having your teen agree to drive safely.
  • Set restrictions for driving curfew and number of passengers.

In return, teens will learn how to safely drive in adverse weather conditions and ensure that their focus is on the road at all times. Be sure that everyone in the family, parents included, are aware of state laws restricting teen drivers, in order to avoid both accidents and fines. At the end of the day, informing yourself and your teen driver about safe driving habits makes the road safer for everyone.


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