The car industry is quickly changing. To date, car manufactures have relied on gasoline and diesel engines to power their vehicles. Currently, many innovations are being made in the fuel source used to help vehicles stay on the road. This includes an innovative new power source, the hydrogen fuel cell.

Instead of using gasoline to power an engine, hydrogen fuel cell cars work by having hydrogen pumped into the tank. This hydrogen then mixes with oxygen to form a fuel cell battery, which in turn is converted to electricity in order to power the engine. The engine is then able to use the electricity to move the vehicle, just like a gasoline engine would. Because of the eco-friendly nature of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Toyota has worked diligently to design a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for consumers.

Continue reading the following infographic if you want to learn more about how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles work. You’ll learn about the benefits of hydrogen cell technology, as well how Toyota is incorporating this innovative fuel source in an upcoming vehicle.


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