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What Is A Hybrid Car?

Toyota Hybrid vehicles charging

Hybrid cars are more popular than ever in Los Angeles and Glendale, but what is a hybrid car? The hybrid car definition is a car with both an electric motor and gasoline-powered engine. Using this hybrid technology, drivers are able to get the best of both worlds: fantastic specs, sky-high fuel economy, and rock-solid reliability. So if you’re curious to see if a Toyota hybrid is right for you, there’s never been a better time to start researching your options at North Hollywood Toyota!



Types of Hybrid Cars

We’ve gone through the general hybrid car meaning, but there are actually several types of hybrid vehicle available throughout Burbank: parallel, series, and plug-in hybrids. Which one is the ultimate eco-friendly option for your wants and needs? Here is a brief overview of the key differences:

Parallel Hybrid

The most common design on the market, the parallel hybrid car definition means the engine and motor are connected to the same transmission. They run in a parallel direction, combining their power sources to move the vehicle forward. You’ll find most Toyota hybrids to use parallel hybrid technology.

Series Hybrid

The series hybrid prioritizes the electric motor, pairing it directly with the transmission. The gasoline engine acts as a generator for the electric motor, so it isn’t responsible for forward propulsion at all. This is a less common design in the hybrid world.

Plug-In Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid uses something similar to the parallel hybrid design, but it has a few notable advantages all its own. The plug-in hybrid has a larger battery than most hybrid models, which allows you to drive on pure electricity alone. And though its all-electric range is less than a full EV model, the plug-in hybrid also has a gasoline engine that will kick in if you run out of battery power.

Find Your Hybrid Vehicle at North Hollywood Toyota!

Want to explore the Toyota hybrid lineup in person? Visit North Hollywood Toyota in North Hollywood to get behind the wheel, and see why hybrid models are such a good choice for the modern driver. Contact us to learn more about your options, or start exploring our new hybrid inventory online!


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