Hello Montrose! Are you looking for an excellent new or used vehicle? Come on in to the North Hollywood Toyota dealership. We are happy to say that we are able to service everyone within the Montrose area and are willing to help with whatever vehicle related questions you have. We are certified used car dealers, and we make the best vehicles available for you to purchase.


As we said, we are certified dealers. We make sure that the used car you purchase not only runs well, without complications, but also we can make the vehicle look up-to-date. We are able to provide you with used vehicles that look new, giving you the peace of mind that you are driving something nice, not an old clunker. We inspect every car that comes into our dealership, making sure everything functions as if the vehicle were straight from the factory. Your mind will be at ease knowing that the vehicle has been in expert hands before going onto the lot and being sold to you.


Whether you are buying new or used, we guarantee that you will love your new Toyota vehicle. Each vehicle comes standard with many safety features, including the Toyota Star Safety System and airbags if an accident occurs. You can look at the various safety records from our testing facilities to see which vehicle suits you and your family’s needs. You will be happy to know that we take your safety very seriously, and each vehicle is made to be as safe as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask your safety questions when you come by to look at our selection.

The North Hollywood Toyota dealership is ready to serve you and your family as you begin the search for your new or used car. We have a wide selection on the lot for you to choose from and test-drive at your leisure. If you are looking for a decent family vehicle, why not bring everyone along to see which vehicle they all like best! You will be able to see how much room you will need and be able to decide which vehicle will suit your family as everyone goes through growth spurts, or if you make a few new additions. North Hollywood Toyota will be there for all Montrose residents, growing as your family grows and being there to meet your all vehicle needs.

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If you have any questions or concerns. you can call us at 1-800-800-6730 or fill in the form below, and we will respond to you within 24 hours.