Are you on the hunt for a new vehicle this year? How about finding your closest Toyota dealership to discover the car that is right for you? The North Hollywood Toyota dealership offers services to people in the Burbank area who are looking for new or used cars. We have a wide range of 2013 and 2014 models ready for you to test-drive today.


We are happy to have Burbank residents come in to see our fine selection of used vehicles that are ready to go to a new home. Our used cars are well cared for, and we offer prepaid maintenance plans that will help keep your car functioning well for years to come. Take a peek at the huge selection of new Toyotas we have to offer. After taking a test-drive and filling out the paperwork, you will be well on your way to owning a bright, shiny new or used Toyota.


Once you have purchased your new or used vehicle, consider pampering it with a variety of accessories at your local Burbank dealership. You will be able to find loads of accessories for every make and model Toyota has to offer. As a certified Toyota dealer, we are able to add these accessories on with the knowledge of how Toyota parts work and which specialized tools are needed. You car will be in great hands by having us add these wonderful accessories.


It is important to get your Toyota vehicle serviced at a certified dealership. North Hollywood Toyota has certified mechanics who know the specific Toyota parts your vehicle needs and how to fix your vehicle to factory specifications. We are trained to handle your vehicle in a Toyota friendly way; you can count on North Hollywood Toyota to keep your vehicle safe. By signing up for a prepaid maintenance service plan or the Toyota Total Care Plus plan, you can ensure that you will get the best with no out of pocket expense at the time of your service.

The North Hollywood Toyota dealership is here to help you find new and used cars in the Burbank area. Rest assured that we are able to work knowledgeably on your vehicle while giving you local access to our dealership. We are ready and willing to help you as you seek your new or used vehicle!


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