Toyota Ranks High on Consumer Reports 2018 Most Satisfied Car Buyers Survey

Posted Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018 by North Hollywood Toyota

Every year, Consumer Reports tests numerous vehicles and provides its findings to the car-buying public. The company purchases the makes and models as you would at your local Toyota dealers in Southern California or another vehicle brand dealership in your local market. In addition, it conducts an annual survey to get feedback from consumers who purchased vehicles during a specific time frame.

This survey helps supplement Consumer Reports’ vehicle test reports. In general, Consumer Reports asks people whether they would purchase the same make and model again if they had the opportunity to purchase their vehicle again.


Consumer Reports asked owners of 2015 through 2018 model years this question. They also asked participants to rate six different categories, which are:

1. Comfort
2. Driving Experience
3. Value
4. Audio System
5. Styling
6. Climate System

Consumer Reports does not ask participants to rate vehicle reliability on this survey. Rather, they refer people to review their test reports instead.

This year, Toyota rated the highest for “full-line” car manufacturers on this survey. A “full-line” manufacturer is one that produces a wide array of vehicles classes, including:

• Subcompacts
• Compacts
• Mid-Sized Sedans
• Full-Sized Sedans
• Luxury Vehicles
• Crossovers
• Trucks
• SUVs
• Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Results are based on the opinion of actual vehicle owners, not Consumer Reports automotive reviewers. The survey results are provided in a percentage scale, with 100% being the highest rating possible.


Toyota received a 76% customer satisfaction rating. Even though it was not the top auto manufacturer on the survey, it was the top “full line” automaker. Ahead of Toyota were specialty brands that basically build only a few models or focus on a single vehicle class.

Tesla held the top rank with a 90% score. It was followed by Porsche with an 85% score. Genesis, a specialty luxury brand, scored 81%. Chrysler came in fourth—not the manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA)—with the Chrysler Pacifica minivan nabbing a 78% score. Chrysler is considered a specialty brand, now, since it only produces minivans and the Chrysler 300.

It is interesting to note that Subaru, Audi, and Mazda also scored a 76% satisfaction score. However, while these manufacturers do offer similar types of vehicles to Toyota brands, again, Toyota is the only “full line” manufacturer to rank this high.

Honda had a 75% score, while Kia only had a 72% score. Chevrolet fell from ninth place in 2017 to 14th with a 72% score. Ford fell two spots down to seventeenth place in 2018, with a 70% score. Acura and Nissan both tied for last with a 58% satisfaction score.

Toyota is very excited about being ranked so high on Consumer Reports’ 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey. To experience why Toyota owners were happy with their purchases, stop on by your authorized Los Angeles Toyota dealer, North Hollywood Toyota, today, to check out the 2018 Toyota line up of vehicles, or call us at (800) 800-6730.