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Posted Friday, Nov 10, 2017 by North Hollywood Toyota

In today’s world, with uncertainty over oil prices and the looming fears about the effect that fossil fuels are potentially having on our climate and environment, many automobile buyers are eager for vehicles that get better and better gas mileage, while still offering the same comfort and features of conventional gasoline powered cars.


In response, automakers have stepped up their game and are seemingly in a race with others to release more and more efficient vehicles. Best of all, many of these models are competitively priced, meaning your monthly payment won’t be negating your savings at the pump.

One automaker stands above the rest when it comes to producing fuel-efficient vehicles: Toyota, the automaker that introduced the first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle and which continues to lead the field in innovation today. One that’s producing vehicles today that you can buy at your local Toyota North Hollywood dealership.

Toyota Prius c

The Toyota Prius c, the c standing for “city,” is the smallest of the Prius family, a Toyota Yaris-sized subcompact. It is powered by Toyota’s 3rd generation Hybrid Synergy Drive, with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve engine. The electric motor and the gasoline power plant work together to provide a combined output of up to 99 horsepower.

The hybrid powerplant on the Prius c weighs nearly 100 pounds less than on the standard Prius, accomplished by innovations such as all the belts for accessory drives being replaced by electric motors.

With a highway economy of 48 miles per gallon, 43 in the city, for an EPA combined rating of 46 miles per gallon, the Prius c is the most fuel-efficient non-fully electric vehicle available.

Toyota Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius Prime is Toyota’s plug-in hybrid version of the Prius. Plug-in hybrid technology is enormously popular due to the flexibility it offers. With an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, these cars have the ability to operate solely on electric power, producing no emissions, and then switch to a gasoline engine once the electric power runs out.

While the Prius Prime’s EPA fuel estimate is 53 miles per gallon on the highway and 55 in the city, should you be fortunate enough to keep all your trips between recharging the electric motor inside the 25-mile electric range, you’ll never be using gas at all.

Toyota Prius


The original hybrid electric vehicle that started it all, the Toyota Prius set the standard for fuel economy and technology when it was first introduced, and it carries on that trend today. Today’s Prius is designed to deliver more fuel economy, in a smaller, lighter package, at even less cost than before.

To that end, it boasts improved batteries with higher energy storage, smaller, more power dense electric motors, and a gasoline powerplant with a greater thermal efficiency than the last generation. Expect to see a fuel economy of up to 58 miles per gallon in the city and 53 on the highway.

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