Toyota 86 860 Special Edition

Posted Friday, Apr 07, 2017 by North Hollywood Toyota

Toyota markets its 86 sports car with the tagline “It’s Not for Everyone.” The 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition broadens the appeal of the 86, giving it a sleeker design and technology tweaks sports car enthusiasts will appreciate—the 1720 buyers lucky enough to snatch one up, at least.


Now available at Toyota dealerships in southern California, the 86 60 Special Edition improves its game with a sleeker design and tech goodies. The Toyota 86 has the reputation of being a great starter sports car for young professionals. Older sports car enthusiasts with money to burn want more features and sharper aesthetics, and the 86 860 Special Edition delivers an updated, more aerodynamic body and lots of great creature comforts.

With all the tweaks and added features, the 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition takes the 86 from being a great entry level sports car to a next-level sports car.

The 86 for 2017 is a rebadged Scion FR-S. The new special edition of the 2017 Toyota 86 got a short production run that created 860 Halo White models of the vehicle and 860 Supernova Orange models of the vehicle—enough to allow aficionados to easily purchase one, but not so many that they become commonplace.

Exterior Design

The tweaked exterior design of the Toyota 86 makes this special edition of the vehicle stand out from the standard model. The 86 860 Special Edition sports car has a whole new front fascia and rear lower fascia, giving it a brilliant new look. The changes aren’t all aesthetic, however, as the new front fascia, which stretches from the vehicle’s hood line to its underbody, now includes an aerodynamic air dam on its lower edge.

Toyota also tweaked the aerodynamics with some features such as convex notches in the marker lights, as well as some changes to the side vent design.

The 860 Special Edition will also have black body stripes, 17-inch alloy wheels, black side mirrors, LED fog lights, and a snazzy black spoiler. All of the small exterior tweaks Toyota has made to the 86 for this special edition add up to a more athletic-looking vehicle that sports car enthusiasts will love.


The Toyota 86 860 Special Edition is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that cranks out around 200 horsepower and 156 lb. ft. of torque. Car buyers can squeeze out an additional 5 horsepower by purchasing the manual transmission version of the vehicle, but it’s not necessary to get excellent performance from this vehicle.


The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the Toyota 86 gets about 24 mpg combined (21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway)  for the manual transmission model and 27 mpg combined (24 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway) for the automatic.

On the road, the Toyota 86 860 Special Edition provides a fun and exciting driving experience. While the four-cylinder engine may not have as much power as a V6, it provides ample acceleration, and its even ride and nimble cornering make it a joy to drive.

You’ll definitely want to take it at speed around curves, as its responsive steering and agile handling make them fun and easy. Drivers may also be surprised at how smooth and level the ride is, even when traveling at speed or cornering.

Interior Design

The interior design of the 860 Special Edition provides buyers with lots of creature comforts and goodies. The vehicle has a dark-colored interior with orange stitching, providing an exciting, athletic look to the vehicle. It’s not all about looks, though, as the seats are highly comfortable, providing plenty of support and cushioning.

The 860 Special Edition offers some top-notch features, such as heated leather seats, and an upgraded shift boot and parking lever. Some other features include a push-button start, touch activated locks, and dual-zone A/C. The leather-trimmed steering wheel is a little smaller than the Toyota 86, but that makes it a little easier to control the vehicle.


The instrument panel is well-made and convenient. Owners can easily check out g-force, horsepower, torque, and other performance gauges, as well as fuel efficiency information and vital stats on their engine. The special edition vehicle also has a placard signifying its status as an exclusive vehicle.

On the downside, the vehicle only has about 6.9 cubic feet of trunk space, but, let’s face it—you’re not buying this vehicle to use as a grocery getter.


The snazzier design and added tech features of the Toyota 86 860 Special Edition aren’t too much more expensive than purchasing the less well-equipped regular model.


The auto transmission model of the 2017 Toyota 86 860 Special Edition costs about $30,760 while the manual transmission model costs $30,040. A loaded Toyota 86 costs around $27,860, according to Edmunds. For the stylistic upgrades and unique features offered by this special edition, the extra $3,000 to $4,000 is a small price to pay, as this car is almost guaranteed to become a collector’s item.


Although the Toyota 86 8600 Special Edition is a sports car, it’s still a highly safe and reliable vehicle. Toyota has long made safety a high priority for all its vehicles, and the new special edition of the 86 is no exception.

Early crash tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration give the vehicle a four-star frontal crash rating and a perfect five-star rollover rating. Independent testers also give the Toyota 86 high marks.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the Toyota 86 a perfect “Good” rating for the vehicle’s moderate overlap front test results, side impact test results, rear crash protection results, and roof strength test results. The vehicle gets an “Acceptable” rating for its small overlap front test results.


The Toyota 86 8600 Special Edition won’t leave drivers on the side of the road or with high mechanic’s bills like other sports cars. This mechanically sound vehicle gets above average reliability ratings from U.S. News & World Report.

Scion’s Heir

Toyota originally developed the Toyota 86 as the Scion FR-S, but the company rechristened the vehicle after it decided to shutter Scion this year. Toyota launched its Scion division in 2003 to appeal to younger customers with sportier vehicles than the more conservative vehicles offered by Toyota.

Scion produced quality vehicles, but never quite found its niche among consumers, and Toyota’s own designs became more appealing to younger drivers in subsequent years. In 2016, Toyota announced it would fold Scion back into Toyota, re-badging Scion’s FR-S, iA, and iM models as the Toyota 86, Yaris iA, and Corolla iM.


Although Scion has been discontinued, its edgier designs will have an influence for years to come, and the fun-to-drive Toyota 86 is a good example of Scion’s legacy. The latest rumors in the automotive world say that Toyota plans on creating more performance vehicles in the near future. If the 86 860 Special Edition is representative of this new focus, it’s a welcome change for the Japanese automaker.

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