First Look at Toyota’s New Electric Concept Vehicle: The i-TRIL

Posted Friday, Apr 07, 2017 by North Hollywood Toyota

Toyota recently unveiled its new electric concept vehicle the i-TRIL at the Geneva car show this past month. The new concept vehicle is based on the i-ROAD design Toyota presented several years ago and incorporates the ride-tilting technology it showcased in the i-ROAD.


The i-TRIL is being designed as a sub-compact model with an anticipated release in 2030 at authorized Toyota car dealers in Los Angeles and worldwide. It is a pure-electric vehicle, perfect for people who live in bigger cities and who have better access to electric charging stations. The car design features a single driver’s seat in the front and a two-passenger bench-like seat in the rear.

What makes the concept vehicle unique is that there are no pedals for acceleration or braking. Rather, the vehicle features both a manual and automatic AI-controlled driving features. The AI is designed to drive the vehicle to destinations the driver selects using the input display on the steering wheel.

If drivers prefer to drive themselves, they control acceleration and braking using the left and right-hand controls on the steering wheel, which has been described by some as video game controllers. The battery fuel cells that power the electric motor have an estimated total driving range of a 185 miles-per-vehicle charge.

The single front seat is comfortable, yet positioned so it is easy to see clearly outside and around the vehicle. The rear bench seating is built directly into the rear design of the vehicle, providing comfort for any passengers. To make accessing the front seat or rear seat easy, Toyota opted for a swing-out type door that opens on an upward slope, rather than directly outward.


Another unique feature is Toyota’s Active Lean technology. This technology allows the vehicle to lean into turns while the cabin and front of the vehicle lean to the left or right, thanks to a separate hinging system between the rear wheels and rear cabin.

When in AI-mode, the vehicle will alert the driver and passengers of leaning turns through lights on the instrument panel on the right and left sides, which will illuminate prior to leaning. When in manual model, to supplement the video game controller-like steering wheel, drivers will have a heads-up display to monitor driving information, as well as be able to use voice commands.

Sticking with Toyota’s eco-friendly initiatives, the entire interior of the i-TRIL is made from all recycled materials. Toyota also wanted to move away from current car designs and incorporate more stylish features, which it has been doing since absorbing its now-discontinued Scion brand.

While it will be some time before the i-TRIL concept vehicle enters its testing phases, the developments being used in this vehicle can help influence current Toyota models in the coming years. To check out the latest Toyota vehicles, stop by North Hollywood Toyota’s showroom today or call us at (818) 508-2967!