First Look at Toyota’s New 2018 C-HR

Posted Friday, Mar 31, 2017 by North Hollywood Toyota

The new 2018 C-HR is a holdover from the former Scion car line manufactured by Toyota but marketed under the Scion label to attract younger, hipper, car buyers, like Millennials. While Scion did have a successful run—the car line was first introduced to consumers back in 2001—it quickly found itself competing against Toyota and other car manufacturers which were stepping up their product lines to feature more trendy and stylish vehicles.


Rather than continue to maintain the Scion models, Toyota made a wise decision to absorb them into their existing vehicle lineups, which needed a boost in stylish features. Toyota has long come up short in the style category, from younger customers’ feedback, and it has worked hard in recent years to make its vehicles more stylish, while at the same time continue to deliver on the features and qualities that already make them popular with consumers, such as high fuel efficiencies and eco-friendly practices.

The C-HR was originally being designed as a new Scion vehicle for the 2018 model year. With the shuttering of the Scion line, Toyota decided to continue development on this vehicle and rebrand it under the Toyota line instead. In fact, it maintained a Scion nameplate right up until the latest stages of development and testing, when it was replaced with a Toyota nameplate.

The C-HR name Toyota chose stands for “Coupe-High Rider,” as the vehicle design is a mix between a compact coupe and a crossover. This is, essentially, the first new vehicle design in this new vehicle category.  Toyota kept the majority of stylish features on the original Scion vehicle and only made slight alterations, like adding a bigger screen for the infotainment display.


One of the more unique features of the C-HR is that of the rear doors on the vehicle. At first glance, one might assume the C-HR is just a two-door compact coupe crossover.

Upon closer inspection, the handles are neatly hidden away in the upper back part of the rear doors and blend into the elegantly designed rear door, which blends seamlessly into the roof and rear section seams of the vehicle. With the placement so high, parents do need to be aware smaller children will have difficulties reaching them.

The interior of the vehicle is a welcome addition to the Toyota line. Most of the fun and creative features that Scion was known for were kept and can easily be found throughout the interior. The only drawback is the infotainment center, which, on test models, lacked several modern features like Apple Car Play, but it is hoped Toyota will update the features prior to the release of the model at Toyota dealerships in Southern California and elsewhere.

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