Toyota Is Going Even Greener with Plan to Overhaul Their Engines

Posted Saturday, Dec 17, 2016 by nhtwpprod

When you think of green technology in vehicles, the first name that comes to mind is likely Toyota. After all, Toyota introduced the first hybrid car nearly 30 years ago and has continued to make great strides in eco-friendly vehicles year after year. Now Toyota has announced that Los Angeles Toyota and Toyota dealers all around the world will be introducing new vehicles that have undergone an engine overhaul to be even greener.


Variety of Changes Taking Place

The Toyota Motor Corp. is setting out to overhaul engines and drivetrains on 60% of its vehicles. These newly updated models will be introduced to major markets by the end of 2021. The goal is to produce 17 versions of 9 new engines, 10 different versions of 4 new transmissions, and up to 10 versions of 6 hybrid systems.

This is a major investment of money, time, and technology toward creating even more green vehicles to help reduce carbon footprints, meet higher emissions standards, and improve the air we breathe.

Official Announcements from Toyota

Toyota’s PowerTrain Co. President Toshiyuki Mizushima unveiled this green engine overhaul plan last week with an impressive announcement. “We’d like to differentiate ourselves from others in terms of the value-added technology. We will further evolve the engine and transmission.”

So, basically, Toyota isn’t satisfied with being a leader in the field of green vehicles; they want to push and develop more and better vehicles. Under this Toyota New Global Architecture or TNGA, the goal is to create a standardized vehicle platform that costs less to build but offers better performance than any green technology vehicles that exist today.

Worldwide Strategy

While Toyota has been committed to developing green vehicles for a few decades now, the rest of the world is just beginning to catch on. There are new, strict emissions standards being implemented in countries around the world. This is going to leave many car makers rushing to upgrade and create engines that will meet these stringent standards while Toyota will be ahead of the game and have many brand new vehicles ready to roll off dealer lots.

Before we know it, the old combustion engine will be a thing of the past—a piece of history—as we all drive around in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Good News for Los Angeles’ Pollution

There are few cities in the world that rank as highly as Los Angeles for smog and pollution. As they say, if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. It makes perfect sense for Southern California drivers to begin looking at green vehicles.

If the question of power, speed, or style is a concern, it is important to note that hybrid and electric vehicles have come a very long way since the first Prius was introduced. It may be time for you to take a second look at green technology and do your part to help the environment.

Los Angeles Toyota dealers have many green vehicles on their lots for you to look at and test drive. Visit North Hollywood Toyota today and learn how this new initiative by Toyota can help you on your daily commute.