Toyota Earns Loyalty with Outstanding Vehicles

Posted Friday, Dec 02, 2016 by nhtwpprod

Toyota customers are often lifelong customers, as the quality and reliability of the brand convince them that no other automaker can offer the value provided by Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs. Los Angeles Toyota dealers and Toyota dealers around the U.S. reinforce that brand loyalty by providing top-notch customer service, persuading customers to trust Toyota and their dealerships for their new and pre-owned vehicle needs.


Just about everyone knows someone who has an old Toyota that’s still on the road after 200,000 miles or more. These diehard owners swear by their Toyotas, often remarking that the only maintenance or repairs they’ve ever had to perform are regular oil changes or spark plug replacements.

The evidence for Toyota brand loyalty isn’t merely anecdotal. According to The Street, about 43 percent of Toyota buyers return to purchase another vehicle from the Japanese automaker. Only Ford has a better return customer percentage – 44 percent.

Toyota sold more than 10.15 million vehicles in 2015, making it the world’s top seller for four years in a row. Toyota’s Camry and Corolla models are two of the best-selling vehicles in the U.S.

Toyota’s sales figures are well ahead of its nearest competitors. Volkswagen, the No. 2 automobile manufacturer, sold 9.9 million vehicles in 2015, while General Motors, the No. 3 automaker, sold 9.8 million. The top three automakers accounted for about a third of all vehicles sold worldwide.


What makes Toyota’s sales success so remarkable is that the automaker is still selling new vehicles even though its customers tend to hold on to their Toyotas for far longer than buyers of other brands. Consider this list by of the 10 vehicles most often kept for 10 years or more by their owners:

  1. Honda CR-V
  2. Toyota Prius
  3. Toyota RAV 4
  4. Toyota Highlander
  5. Honda Odyssey
  6. Toyota Sienna
  7. Toyota Camry
  8. Toyota Avalon
  9. Honda Pilot
  10. Honda Element

Toyota occupies five of the spots on the top 10 list. Owners of the Prius and RAV 4 who keep their vehicles for more than 10 years typically keep them for more than two times the average number of years that other vehicle owners retain their vehicles.

The reason behind Toyota customers’ incredible loyalty to their vehicles is incredibly simple – they’re just great vehicles. Toyota consistently turns out reliable, user-friendly, attractive vehicles year after year. Whether they’re in the market for a sedan for business travel, a family SUV, or a sporty coupe, customers can rely on Toyota to supply a great vehicle to fit their needs.

Reasons Why Consumers Love Toyota

For consumers intrigued by why Toyota customers keep their vehicles for years and return to Toyota dealers in southern California and around the country to purchase new Toyotas time after time, consider these great selling points for the Toyota brand:

  • Reliability – Toyota dethroned GM to become the world’s top automaker a few years ago. Toyota’s victory was decades in the making and is owed to the company’s relentless focus on quality. Toyota vehicles have developed a reputation for being low-maintenance and long-lasting over the last 40 years. J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study for 2016 found Toyota to be one of the most reliable brands. Toyota had just 116 reported problems per 100 vehicles, well below the industry average of 156 reported problems per 100 vehicles. Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, was the No. 1 automaker on the list, with just 95 problems per 100 vehicles. For auto consumers seeking a car they can depend on for years to come, a visit to the local Toyota dealer is in order.


  • Fuel efficiency – Toyota began its rise to global dominance of the auto market in the dark days of the 70s oil embargo, and that experience still runs deep in the Japanese automaker’s corporate DNA. That’s why Toyota developed the Prius, the first commercially successful hybrid vehicle, and that’s why Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs continue to offer strong gas mileage to consumers. Toyota’s entire line, including its larger trucks and SUVs, gets an average of 26.5 miles per gallon. That’s a pretty solid figure for an automaker that makes large pickups as well as passenger cars.Although gas prices have decreased, Toyota has kept its focus on producing fuel-efficient vehicles, realizing that gas prices will eventually rebound and understanding the need to reduce carbon emissions. In 2016, Toyota is rolling out a plug-in version of the Prius, the Prius Prime, at Los Angeles Toyota dealers and other dealers. The new plug-in version can operate off of a battery charge and also has a hybrid gas engine.


Toyota trucks – Toyota does a fantastic job with its trucks. Toyota trucks have a reputation for build quality and toughness throughout the world, and the automaker may one day challenge Ford’s global dominance of the truck market. Toyota’s most recognizable truck is the Tacoma. The midsize pickup offers consumers many benefits, including an efficient engine, a comfortable interior, and strong towing capacity. The Tacoma has been completely redesigned for 2016, and the new V6 version of the truck can tow up to 6,800 lbs. The truck offers a number of neat cargo management features that increases the utility and convenience offered by the vehicle. Toyota has also added a number of electronic safety measures that consumers will enjoy, too.


  • Resale value – One thing that irks most car consumers is the huge hit their new vehicles take in value the minute they leave the dealer’s lot. Most vehicles lose thousands of dollars in value as soon as their new owners take possession of them. Toyota vehicles have the best value retention of any non-luxury vehicle brand. According to Edmunds, Toyota vehicles retain 53.8 percent of their value after five years. For value-conscious auto consumers, Toyota vehicles are an excellent investment.
  • Price – While Toyota is far from being a bargain brand, Toyota vehicles are competitively priced. Also, inexpensive Toyota models often offer amenities and quality typically found on much more costly vehicles. For most families, a new car or SUV is a big investment. When car consumers buy a Toyota, they know they are getting a reliable car with lots of great features at a good price. This value is part of what keeps consumers buying Toyotas again and again.The Toyota Corolla exemplifies Toyota’s commitment to competitive pricing and value. The Corolla is the most popular vehicle in the world, selling more than 1 million units in 2016. The average price paid for a new Toyota Corolla is around $17,475, making it a very reasonably priced new vehicle.
  • Innovation – Continuous improvement is as much a part of Toyota’s DNA as fuel efficiency and reliability. Toyota frequently refreshes the design of its vehicles, adding new tweaks to improve ride quality, safety, and user enjoyment. Toyota also works hard to create aesthetically appealing vehicles, often refreshing the exterior and interior look of its cars, trucks, and SUVs.

As you can see, purchasing a Toyota has many advantages. Paying a visit to your local Toyota dealer, whether it’s a Los Angeles Toyota dealer or a Toyota dealer anywhere else in the country, can help you learn more about the value and quality offered by Toyota.


When purchasing a new vehicle, it’s important to find an established dealer that has a strong track record of serving its consumers. North Hollywood Toyota is a Los Angeles Toyota dealer carrying a wide selection of new and used Toyotas. With exceptional sales and service, and a finance department dedicated to helping customers easily find an affordable car loan, North Hollywood Toyota offers an unparalleled car buying experience.



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