Why the Toyota Corolla Is a Great Car to Tow Behind Your RV

Posted Thursday, Dec 01, 2016 by nhtwpprod

The Toyota Corolla has been around for half a century. It is one of the top five preferred vehicles people like towing behind their RVs. Not only does the car offer plenty of room for a family, but it has proven itself to be reliable, fuel efficient, and one of the easier vehicles to tow. One of the main reasons it is a great car is because it is a lighter vehicle that moves easily without much pulling.

Another reason RVers prefer Corollas over other vehicles is their overall RV fuel efficiency is not drastically affected. For instance, heavier SUVs and 4x4s weigh much more than the Corolla. Any time you add additional weight, plus the force required to pull the vehicle while towing it, it places more strain on the RV and causes it to burn fuel faster to compensate. The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel consumed.


For the 2016 model year, Toyota offers two different designs of the Corolla with stick-shift transmissions. You can choose from the standard model or the Corolla S. For other model years, the vehicle designs with manual transmissions can vary. To tow a Corolla behind your RV, you will need special equipment, which your RV or Toyota dealer should be able to help you order to ensure you get the right equipment for your RV and your Corolla. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to have the dealer install the equipment as there is special wiring required.

Tips for Towing a Vehicle Behind Your RV

Whether you enjoy vacationing in your RV or spend your life on the road exploring the country in your home-away-from-home, it can be beneficial to tow a vehicle behind your RV. Towing a vehicle allows you to explore different areas you visit, without having to drive the RV into town or other areas, where it can become cumbersome.


Before you hook up that tow bar to your RV and vehicle, it is important to review the following information:

  1. Not all vehicles are towable behind an RV.
  2. There are two different methods for towing: dinghy and trailer.
  3. There are specific towing configurations for every vehicle.
  4. Some vehicles have extra requirements while towing.

If you want to dinghy tow a Toyota Corolla, you need to make sure it has a standard stick-shift transmission. While it is being towed, you have to also leave the key turned to the accessory on position. Take the time to review the owner’s manual or obtain a copy of towing requirements from your Los Angeles car dealership, or another dealer in your area. (Please note: Dinghy towing is towing the vehicle behind the RV on all four wheels).

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