Four Reasons Why the Prius Is a Great Road-Tripper

Posted Thursday, Nov 24, 2016 by nhtwpprod

Road trips make up an important part of the American car owning experience. The chance to leave your hometown and travel to see the different places and people of our country is part of the freedom owning a car has to offer.


For car owners who seek the adventure provided by the open road, the 2017 Toyota Prius makes the ideal vehicle for a road trip. Fuel-efficient and designed for driver and passenger comfort and convenience, the Prius is a great ride for a solo road trip or one with family and friends.

Why the Prius? Consider these features that make the Prius the right choice for your next adventure:

  • Fuel economy – The less money you spend on fuel, the more money you have to spend on food, entertainment, and mementos on your trip. One of the greatest selling points of the Prius is its fuel economy, and it’s also one of the characteristics that makes it a great road tripper. The new Prius gets a combined city/highway mileage of 52 mpg. Although the Prius is very fuel-efficient, it isn’t a glorified golf cart. Power and performance are surprisingly good, with adequate acceleration for in-town and country driving.
  • Reliability – Nothing can ruin a road trip like car trouble. The Toyota Prius maintains the Toyota reputation for supreme reliability by being highly dependable. Toyota is one of J.D. Power’s highest ranked automakers in terms of reliability, reporting few problems per 100 vehicles sold. The 2017 Prius recently received an award from J.D. Power for its reliability. For a vehicle that won’t let you down on the road, the Prius is an excellent choice.
  • Comfort – The ride quality of the 2017 Prius has been improved, offering drivers and passengers a smoother, less noisy experience. The interior of the vehicle is surprisingly roomy, and the Prius provides 24.6 cubic feet of cargo storage—plenty of room for all the luggage you’ll need for a multi-day trip. Toyota has upgraded the upholstery and interior materials of the Prius, and the end result is a much more attractive and comfortable ride.
  • Safety – An accident is the last thing you want to think about while taking a road trip, but, if one occurs, the Prius has you covered. The new Prius has a variety of electronic safety options, including a back-up camera, automatic braking, lane departure alerts, blind spot monitoring, and more. Government crash tests are still pending, but previous versions of the Prius have gotten high marks from the NHTSA.


The Prius is a safe, fun, and reliable car that has the added benefit of having one of the smallest environmental footprints on the market. Before your next cross-country odyssey or just a brief trip to the beach, check out the new Priuses available at your local Toyota dealer. North Hollywood Toyota is a Los Angeles Toyota dealer serving southern California. A well-established dealership, North Hollywood Toyota offers an unbeatable combination of top-quality new and pre-owned Toyotas, and a friendly and professional sales staff.