Four New Features for the 2017 Prius

Posted Monday, Oct 17, 2016 by nhtwpprod

Ever since the Toyota Prius rose to popularity as the first commercially viable hybrid vehicle in the early 2000s, Toyota has continued to push the envelope with this remarkable vehicle, working to make it more efficient and convenient for drivers.


Toyota isn’t scaling back its push for innovation for the Prius, as the 2017 model year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet for the vehicle.

  • New plug-in version – Toyota previously sold a plug-in version of the Prius, but that version never quite captured the hearts of the car-buying public. The Japanese automaker is taking a second swing at plug-ins with a new version of the Prius that incorporates new technology. The Toyota Prius Prime will be capable of going 22 to 25 miles in electric-only mode before the gas engine will need to kick in. Charging times have been greatly reduced, so, for drivers with short work commutes, it’s possible to drive to work and home on electric power only, and then get up and do it again the next day.
  • Great mileage – The Prius gets 124 equivalent miles per gallon in electric-only mode and a solid 54 miles per gallon in gasoline mode. One interesting fact about the new electric version is that it can accelerate to 40 mph faster in electric-only mode than in gas mode.
  • Safety – Toyota has vastly improved the already excellent safety of the Prius by incorporating electronic safety features into the vehicle. All versions of the new Prius come with the Toyota Safety Sense package. This package of electronic safety features includes pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, pre-collision alerts, braking assistance, and other features.
  • Functionality tweaks – Toyota made several adjustments to the Prius in 2016 to make it more comfortable and fun to drive. These revisions carry over to the 2017 year and include a lower center of gravity, improved suspension tuning, and wider tires. These changes have made the Prius more responsive in harsh driving conditions and improved the vehicle’s traction.
  • No spare – Instead of a spare tire, Toyota will include a tire repair kit. This was necessary to accommodate the larger electric battery required for the Prius Prime.


Low gas prices have somewhat eroded the Prius’ sales, as consumers aren’t as worried about high prices at the pump as they once were. The world is only one speculative trade or geopolitical crisis away from oil prices going through the roof again, however, so buying a Prius now can be a great hedge against higher fuel prices later. Also, the high mpg the regular version of the Prius gets and the equivalent mileage the Prime gets makes purchasing a Prius an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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