The Importance of Toyota I-CAR Gold Class Professionals Distinction

Posted Saturday, Sep 17, 2016 by nhtwpprod

When you are in need of car repairs for your Toyota, you want to take it to a body shop with a proven track record of knowledge and service. It doesn’t make sense to take your car or truck to just any repair center – how do you know that you can trust them to fix what is wrong correctly the first time?

This is why certifications and distinctions are important in the auto repair industry. Los Angeles car dealerships, for example, continually strive to have the most knowledgeable and capable technicians and professionals on staff so that you can get back on the road. North Hollywood Toyota holds the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals status, meaning our auto body shop consists of some of the best you’ll work with anywhere.


What Is the Gold Class Recognition?

Gold Class Professionals recognition is conferred by I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. The Gold Class distinction is awarded to auto shops that complete the highest role-relevant training levels in the industry. The organization estimates that only about 10 percent of repair shops meet the rigorous training and continuing education requirements to earn the honor. Auto repair centers that achieve and maintain Gold Class status have up-to-date training and skills to leverage technology and resources to complete proper repairs.

Gold Class Professionals Status is More Important than Ever

Cars just aren’t made the same way that they were decades ago. When you buy a new car, often you receive an incentive to continue to bring that vehicle back for any service or repairs that are needed. Beyond the financial reasons, it is essential that the shop be familiar with your car so you have peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of.

As more and more vehicles that use lightweight materials are introduced, technicians need to be able to adapt. Doing so not only ensures business success, it also directly affects the safety and quality of the job being performed.

The Gold Class program works with repair shops to help prepare the entire team to meet ongoing challenges with technology in the industry. To earn this recognition, businesses must both achieve and maintain a high level of role-relevant training for each of the major repair roles in collision.

Once the distinction is earned, it is maintained by continuing to develop the knowledge base and skills of the staff to advanced levels. The program is meant to progress individual technicians through the training process with I-CAR’s Professional Development Program.


As one of the top Los Angeles car dealerships, we take everything we do seriously. This is why we are proud of the work put in to achieve I-CAR Gold Class Professionals status. Before you need repairs done on your car or truck, learn about all of the services we offer and how they benefit you as a driver.

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