The Greatest Toyota Models of All Time!

Posted Wednesday, Sep 07, 2016 by nhtwpprod

If you go to any of the Los Angeles Toyota dealerships and ask what the greatest Toyota models of all time are, you would likely get a different list from every salesman on the floor. They are likely to have their own personal favorites based on fond memories and experience. Rather than being based on personal preference, the models listed below are designated as the greatest models of all time based on their impact on the world of car sales and future designs.

1992 Toyota Camry

While this may not be the sexiest car ever made, it did set the standard for Toyota sedans. This car was affordable to those with average incomes and below, but the interior felt as luxurious as any luxury car. The limousine style doors helped give this car a sleeker look than it would have otherwise had. It was also great on gas. Most importantly, it was the car that really put Toyota on the American car sales map.

Toyota Truck

Toyota trucks are among some of the most popular Toyotas, not just in America but around the world. The Toyota truck is even used in military applications, often seen with a machine gun or other device mounted to it. Also known as a Hi-Lux or Tacoma, this truck is the core of the Toyota brand.

The first version sold in America was the Stout in 1964. It ran on 4 cylinders with a mere 85 hp and a 1.9 liter engine. It was often said that the bed of the truck would deteriorate before the truck itself ever stopped running. This was because things like rock salt and slush were not issues in Japan, so the trucks were not built or tested for such elements until the trucks were on the market with a two piece bed design.

Since it was two piece, it provided a seam where slush and salt could accumulate, causing the bed to rust rapidly. However, once Toyota understood the issue, they reverted to a one piece design with no seams, making the bed last as long as the drivetrain these trucks are so well known for.


Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser was a solid tribute to the effectiveness of the Toyota designs. It was built for functionality rather than looks, and its most treasured and well-remembered model is the FJ40. The FJ40 was more durable than previous versions because it was larger and sturdier. Through its 20 years on the production line, very little was ever changed about the design, right up until the last one was produced in 1984.



Only a little over 300 of these were made between 1967 and 1970. A true classic, the 2000GT was even used in a James Bond movie. Toyota fans often tout this beauty as the best vehicle ever to come off the Toyota production line.

These may be the best cars made by Toyota, but in part this is because they set the standards for the future of Toyota. Los Angeles car dealers will tell you that Toyotas are still among the best vehicles on the road, with their history of innovative designs setting the tone for today’s standard. To learn more about what Toyota has to offer, visit North Hollywood Toyota today.