Toyota – 10 Fun Facts

Posted Sunday, Jul 31, 2016 by nhtwpprod

The Toyota brand has become a worldwide phenomenon throughout the years, and has maintained popularity due to its efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. Finding the price and specifications of any particular car is as easy as visiting a Toyota dealership in Los Angeles, but finding out the history behind the brand requires a little more research.

Below, we’ve collected a few quick facts that will help you digest Toyota’s nearly 80-year history in just a few minutes.


1 – Toyota is technically still a mom-and-pop style family company. Although they have grown to become a worldwide brand, the current Toyota CEO, Akio Toyoda, is a direct descendant of the company’s founder, Sakichi Toyoda. In fact, every single CEO to date has been a descendant of the original Toyoda.

2 – The company had small beginnings as an automated loom business. Sakichi Toyoda, the inventor of the automatic power loom, didn’t have dreams of developing automobiles. When he opened his company in 1933, his specialty was in his invention. Years later, the company would sell off the automated looms in order to gain capital for their first automobiles.

3 – It was originally called Toyoda. In keeping with the family name, the automated loom business founded by Sakichi Toyoda was – of course – named “Toyoda.” Thought to be good luck at first (the name literally translates to “fertile rice paddies” in Japanese), the spelling was eventually changed to widen its appeal overseas.

4 – They made their first car in 1937. Although their first fleet of cars were used for war purposes, production on passenger cars for civilians eventually resumed in 1947.

5 – They didn’t export their cars to the United States until 1957. Toyota’s Crown sedan was the very first car imported by Americans. Today, Toyota has retained the U.S. as one of their largest markets.

6 – Toyota is now known as one of the greenest in the industry. Their Prius campaign in the mid-2000s solidified them as a leader in environment-friendly car production, and their efforts and impact over the years resulted in them becoming the number one “Global Green Brand” in 2015.

7 – Toyota consistently breaks production records … Toyota has years of popularity on their side, and their consistent innovation when it comes to production has helped them exceed expectations time and time again. In a recent case, Toyota became the first automaker to make 10 million cars over the course of only one year.


8 – … and sales records. The Toyota Corolla has sold over 40 million units worldwide. This places it in the pantheon of the best-selling car models in history. The company recently earned over $260 billion worldwide in one year, topping the combined sales of the Honda and Nissan, their two closest competitors in the region.

9 – Toyota is secretly behind a few other popular brands. Well, they’re not exactly secret about it, but Toyota is a known partial owner of Lexus, Scion, and Subaru.

10 – Toyota is a reliable American car manufacturer and job creator. With several large plants in the United States that make pick-up trucks and sedans, many Toyota cars and parts are made domestically. They are responsible for creating over 365,000 American jobs. Toyota-related franchises, like Toyota dealerships, repair shops, and accessory stores, also contribute an additional 30,000 jobs to the total.


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