Five Reasons Why Prius Prime Reigns Supreme

Posted Sunday, Jul 24, 2016 by nhtwpprod

The Toyota Prius has become the face of green cars, as the now-revered hybrid blazed a trail for other energy efficient vehicles. Toyota keeps innovating to stay ahead of its rivals in the hybrid market, and the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime is the best Prius yet, thanks to its hybrid/electric design and commitment to quality that’s become synonymous with the Prius brand.


The new Prius Prime replaces the Prius Plug-In. The Plug-In often felt like an afterthought, but the new Prius Prime is a more fully-realized vehicle, having been designed from the ground up as a hybrid/plug-in. The result is a more attractive vehicle and a better driving experience. The Prius Prime has twice the electric-only range of its predecessor and also offers a number of great creature comforts.

Bigger Battery, Longer Range

The biggest change Toyota made to the new Prius Prime was giving the vehicle a larger battery. The new battery is about 77 lbs. heavier than the Prius Plug-In’s battery and provides sufficient power to provide an electric-only range of 22 miles.


When the electric charge is exhausted, the 2017 Prius Prime will switch over to a hybrid engine that collects energy during deceleration, using it to charge a battery that supplements power from its gasoline engine.

When the plug-in power and hybrid energy are used in concert, the vehicle achieves a fuel economy of around 120 mpge, which places it at the head of the pack for plug-in hybrids. With a full tank of gas and a full electric charge, the Prius Prime has a range of about 600 miles, making it great for a road trip.

Faster Charging Time

One of the drawbacks of plug-in vehicles is the amount of time you must spend charging them. The Prius Prime has whittled down charging times quite a bit. The 2017 Prius Prime can charge in just 5.5 hours using a standard household outlet, and in about half that when using a 240-volt source.

New Look

The Prius Prime has its own distinctive look that sets it apart from other Priuses. The Prius Prime has a front fascia that’s different than that of other Priuses and uses horizontal taillights instead of vertical ones. The subtle differences make the Prius Prime recognizable as Prius’s hybrid/plug-in model.

Low Weight

The Prius Prime uses a number of automotive body technologies to keep its weight down to enhance fuel efficiency. The Prime incorporates high strength steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber in its body.


The Toyota Prius Prime is an amazingly comfortable ride. The dash is set up in a way that’s easy for new drivers to learn, the vehicle offers ample legroom and headroom, cargo space is generous, and good quality upholstery and surfaces can be found in the cabin.

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