5 Amazing Things About the 2016 Toyota 4Runner

Posted Sunday, Jul 17, 2016 by nhtwpprod

If you’re like most people, when you think about the Toyota 4Runner you pretty much are  thinking there’s not much new to the latest 2016 model. Well, get ready to race down to your Los Angeles Toyota dealer after you read this review! There are 5 absolutely amazing things about the 2016 Toyota 4Runner that you are going to want to check out for yourself!


Modern/Retro Infotainment

The incorporation of modern electronics, including a touchscreen, navigation, and shared screen audio options is expected from a standard 2016 vehicle, but the 2016 4Runner keeps a bit of old-school ease of use as well.

For many drivers it is ingrained in us to push a button or turn a knob to change the station or turn up the music. The 4Runner has bulbous buttons, and grooved volume and selection knobs, so that you don’t have to try to drive while using a touch screen. Safety and good old-fashioned common sense are apparent in many different ways with the ever popular 4Runner!

Doesn’t Drive Like a 4Runner

If you’ve ever ridden in an older model 4Runner, you know that it’s a little bit rough and hard to steer. Being one of the first smaller SUV vehicles on the market has meant that each new generation of 4Runner had no choice but to improve. It seems as if Toyota has finally made a smooth and easy to drive 4Runner. Thanks to the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, you get less body roll when driving on the road, and, when you head off-road, you get variable hydraulics to soften the bumps.


When compared to other vehicles in the same segment, the 2016 Toyota 4Runner is priced comparably. However, when you figure in the 16 mpg city and 20 mpg highway fuel efficiency, and the amazing amount of power behind this new 4Runner, you will see that it’s worth every penny while still offering tremendous value!

Sometimes No Change Can Actually Be Good

As SUVs have evolved into crossovers, and so on, each car maker has smoothed lines and rounded edges to make the appearance of SUVs more refined and even elegant. For those of us who think that an SUV should look as rugged and tough as it is meant to be, the 4Runner is a breath of fresh air, as it sticks with the original exterior shape and design that it is known for. When you see a 2016 Toyota 4Runner, you know exactly what it is, even if you can’t tell the generation until you get inside.

It Has Knocked Jeep off the Top!

For the past 5 years the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been the top vehicle in the midsize SUV segment, based on the Auto Pacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards. This year the 2016 Toyota 4Runner has knocked Jeep off that pile and slipped into the top spot.

If these 5 things still haven’t convinced you to visit a Los Angeles Toyota dealer to check out a new 4Runner, then maybe you are just meant to drive a compact car and stay on the road.