Toyota Flying Car Patent: Ridiculous or Revolutionary?

Posted Friday, Jul 08, 2016 by nhtwpprod

Has the future finally arrived? We’ve seen the introduction of self-driving vehicles, but are we almost to the point of having flying cars like The Jetsons? Apparently Toyota holds the patent for a shape-morphing fuselage for a futuristic “aero car” which will be able to be driven on land, and then lift off and fly, landing as an aircraft in flight mode.

The patent was filed in December of 2014, but only recently made public. You won’t be able to pick up the flying car at your Los Angeles Toyota dealer anytime soon, but, be aware (or beware!), it’s coming.


Critics May Eat Their Words

For decades, critics have undermined the idea of flying cars. However, with the Toyota patent and design, there is a good chance that those people will be eating their scoffing words. A story in the Daily Mail says that the car described in the patent will feature a tensile skin between flexible wing pieces to hide the wings beneath the fuselage when not in use. There is also another patent held by Toyota that features a stackable wing for an aero car.

Patent Language Leaves Room for Imagination

The language used in the patent application indicates that the aero car will require “physical trade-offs in design in order to facilitate operations in both the land mode and the flight mode.” Essentially this means the design Toyota is working on will focus on aerodynamics, low drag, and vehicle stability. Comfort and luxury will be farther down the list of necessities. Having 1,636 patents makes it possible for Toyota to combine, alter, and create the futuristic aero car that we’ve all been waiting for.

No Comment from Toyota Executives

In typical closemouthed fashion, Toyota has stated that they do not comment on future projects, so all we have is the patent applications and diagrams to go by when trying to predict just what this aero car will look like. Because they have been such frontrunners in hybrid development and safety advances, it is completely feasible to imagine that Toyota will be the first automaker to give us a flying car.

In the Meantime

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