2016 Toyota Prius Most Fuel Efficient Car According to Consumer Reports

Posted Tuesday, Jun 07, 2016 by nhtwpprod

Car aficionados and potential car buyers often check out Consumer Reports before they visit dealers. There’s a good reason for being informed before you begin physically shopping for your new ride. While you may have a specific vehicle in mind, there may be another model out there that you don’t know about that will better meet your needs.

Visiting a Los Angeles Toyota dealer would be quite time consuming if you had to test drive every model that had caught your eye. Doing a bit of pre-research helps you save time and money by reading recommendations, reviews, and comparisons by professionals in the auto industry. This lets you narrow down your choices so that when you arrive on the lot you are informed, prepared, and ready to test drive specific models.

According to Consumer Reports, the 2016 Toyota Prius is the most fuel efficient car they’ve tested, and that is saying a lot.

Best Fuel Efficiency

Until the 2016 Toyota Prius was tested for fuel economy, the title holder was the 16 year old Honda Insight. The Prius barely edged ahead of the Insight by one mile per gallon. However, when it comes to modern day vehicles and direct competition, the new Prius blows the 2015 Prius out of the water with 52 mpg versus last year’s 44 mpg.

The ever evolving Prius has been a huge seller for Toyota, and the new model for 2016 goes above and beyond when it comes to expectations. The 2016 Prius has a sleeker, more aerodynamic design, a better battery, and more efficient onboard electricity use.

Details Make All the Difference

How has Toyota managed this feat, especially in a vehicle that was once considered a laughingstock against more powerful vehicles? Rather than go all in and scrap the original design of the Prius, over the years Toyota has whittled away at the original vehicle. Something added here, something removed there, a tweak of this, and an adjustment of that has led to this amazing model, the 2016 Prius.

Just since the 2015 model there have been several small changes that make a big difference. A very efficient transmission, a stingy gasoline engine, aerodynamic design, and a lithium polymer battery have all combined to increase fuel efficiency, appearance, and handling.

Consumer Reports is a pretty accurate testing company, as they drive the same route for each car they test and install a fuel meter to ensure precise measuring. There is a city course and a highway course for each vehicle, and the 2016 Prius topped the fuel efficiency game and knocked the old Honda Insight off its pedestal.

If you’ve never used Consumer Reports or done research before heading out to Los Angeles car dealers, you may not have even considered purchasing a hybrid. If all you know of the Prius is what you heard years ago, then it may be time for you to get reintroduced. Visit your favorite Toyota dealer and do some test driving of the various Prius models, and you may find that a hybrid is just what you need.