Toyota Ramps Up Fuel Saving with Hybrids

Posted Tuesday, May 31, 2016 by nhtwpprod

As the world gets more and more concerned with global protection and eco-friendly living, Toyota is helping consumers not only reduce carbon footprints, but also save money. Los Angeles Toyota dealers help drivers in a highly polluted city work to reduce emissions and travel less expensively with hybrid vehicles. Toyota has been the first in line with green technology and hybrid vehicles since the introduction of the Prius in 1997. Toyota has just hit a huge milestone with the sale of over 9 million hybrids worldwide.

When you think of a hybrid vehicle, you may recall the clunky and slow Toyota Prius that was first introduced in 1997. If you haven’t thought about a hybrid vehicle since then, you are in for a huge surprise. There are many vehicles you probably see on the road that have hybrid technology, and you don’t even realize it. Today’s hybrids are just as fast and powerful as fuel powered vehicles, with the advantage of getting better mileage and protecting the environment. No one is saying you have to go with purely electric vehicles to be responsible; technology is still advancing with those, but a good first step is a hybrid.

The great thing about Toyota hybrids is that you are not stuck with just one token hybrid model. The Prius was the flagship, but Toyota/Lexus also offers hybrid versions of these popular vehicles, including:

  • Camry
  • Avalon
  • ES, GS, and LS sedans
  • RX and NX crossovers
  • Lexus CT200 hatchback
  • Highlander
  • RAV4

You’ll notice that crossovers and SUVs are included in this list. Many people don’t even realize that there are hybrid options in these larger vehicles. Again, we’ve come a long way since that first surprising and somewhat disappointing Toyota Prius back in the late 90s.

More than Fuel Efficiency

The goal of hybrid vehicles is first and foremost to reduce the use of fossil fuels. However, because Toyota knows that consumers also have needs, there is a specific standard that all Toyota hybrids meet to allow for speed, power, and handling, as well as fuel efficiency.

For example, the 2016 Toyota Avalon hybrid features soft suspension for smooth rides, and 200 horsepower for speed (60 mph in 7 secs.) There’s also a great deal of passenger space, with luxury interior features, Toyota technological additions, and sleek exterior appearance. Combine all this with 31 miles per gallon city driving, and you have a winner.

Whether you are concerned with “going green” or just want to save money, one of the Toyota or Lexus hybrids is sure to meet your driving needs. If you’re concerned with the idea that today’s hybrids are slow or lack power like the original Prius, then it’s time to take a few test drives. Even the Prius that is available today is a huge improvement over the original, even though it is still considered the base vehicle for hybrid options. Visit a Los Angeles Toyota dealer and tell them you’re interested in learning more about hybrid vehicles. You will be shocked at the variety, the cost, the power, and the savings that a hybrid offers.