New Toyota Prius Tech Adds Towing Capacity

Posted Sunday, May 01, 2016 by nhtwpprod

There’s been a lot of talk about the all-new Toyota Prius. Los Angeles Toyota dealers have heard both positives and negatives about the new redesign. It’s fairly obvious that Toyota isn’t looking to create a luxurious, curvy sedan with the all-new sedan. They’re rather looking to create a vehicle that will make a statement and be easily recognizable on the road.

If that’s their primary objective, they’ve definitely succeeded with the latest iteration of the Prius. What else does the all-new Prius have to offer buyers? How about an average 55 mpg fuel economy and the ability to haul a trailer? Yes, you read that right. There’s a little pick-up truck in the new Toyota Prius.

Prius Hauling

Toyota has announced that it is offering the Prius with up to 1,598 pounds of towing capacity. Whether you need to haul some larger items to the dump or pull along a popup camper or trailer, the Prius is now the car that will meet your needs. The new Prius gives you the option of driving a “green” vehicle that is affordable, while making it possible for you to do more heavy-duty transporting. This is the first time in the 19 years that Prius has existed that Toyota has added a towing capacity and towing accessories to the vehicle. Anyone will be able to operate the simple, easy-to-use, red and green indicator-marked towing and wiring system.


Thanks to heat management measures that help the electric motor generator and differential handle the heat and power needed for towing, the Prius is making great strides. These changes will help endear the Prius to a wider range of consumers. Not only does it offer the eco-friendliness that people have come to expect from Prius, but now it has a practical appeal that many other commuter cars do not.

As expected from all Toyota models, the 2016 Prius with towing capability is a Top Safety Pick Plus vehicle with 5-stars for highway safety. The Toyota family is dedicated to safety, affordability, and technology, and being environmentally conscious.


Another thing that will help consumers overlook the appearance of the new Prius is the pricing. With a base price of $24,200, affordability is a great benefit of choosing the new Prius. Not only that, the Prius is affordable to drive as well, utilizing top of the line hybrid technology. So, try to look past the space age shape and sharp edges to see the huge benefits of purchasing the brand new Toyota Prius.

If you just can’t wrap your brain around the idea of hauling a camper with a Prius, then seeing may make you a believer. Head over to North Hollywood Toyota today and check it out. Take a test drive and see how smoothly the Prius handles, how much unexpected power is hidden underneath the futuristic exterior, and how convenient the fancy new towing accessories are for drivers. This is a Prius that you never expected, and it’s most definitely worth checking out.