Toyota Teams Up with Jaybridge for Autonomous Car Development

Posted Thursday, Mar 24, 2016 by nhtwpprod

The future is getting closer. While we aren’t exactly living like “The Jetsons,” yet technological advances are being made every day. Ten years ago people didn’t get email, TV, radio, and video chat on cell phones, yet today it’s common to practically run a business from a tiny device in your pocket. Car manufacturers have also made great strides in technology and are integrating a lot of consumers’ personal tech needs into vehicles.

Los Angeles Toyota dealers have been excited about the various ways that Toyota has been working toward driverless cars, for a while, now. The Japanese auto giant has been developing a highly intelligent system called “Highway Teammate” for the past 3 years. Whether this is making progress or not has been questioned, but a recent announcement by Toyota makes it clear that it is all-systems-go for auto-driving cars!

Partnerships Lead to Progress

Toyota has just invested $1 billion to help create self-diving cars. Tesla, GM, Google, and other automotive companies are also working to bring these types of vehicles to the market. The goal, however, isn’t to live a space age futuristic dream; in fact, it is a safety measure. It is estimated that autonomous driving technology will reduce traffic casualties each year. Right now, about 1.25 million people die in traffic accidents yearly. If autonomous vehicles can save even 10% of those lives, it’s a step toward the safer roadways that we should be working on. The partnering of the Toyota Research Institute with Jaybridge Robotics is a huge step in making this advancement in driving happen sooner rather than later.


While many are fascinated with the autonomous vehicle aspect, there are many dissenters in the crowd, as well. Some people think that automated vehicles are going to put the automakers in control rather than the drivers. It has even been questioned whether automated driving is more dangerous than developers admit.

There are already vehicles that have features that take control from the driver. There are collision sensors that will stop your vehicle when something is in your path, even if you don’t touch the brake. This could be good for preventing a rear-end collision, but what if you are fully aware of something in front of you and need to get close to it?

Parallel parking is said to be made easier by parking assist technology, but is there an override? There are many variables and different situations that arise when driving, and it will be important that autonomous cars are equipped for all of these possibilities.

The addition of the full Jaybridge Robotics team to the Toyota Research Institute leads consumers to believe that Toyota is fully prepared to move ahead with this technology. The $1 billion dollar investment shows that they are willing to go the extra mile and fully develop the vehicles before introducing them to the public.

While you won’t see self-driving cars on Los Angeles car dealer’s lots in the next year or so, they are coming. The future is here, technology is blowing our minds and making our lives easier every day, and the advent of self-driving vehicles is just one more step that auto manufacturers are making toward a safer and more efficient lifestyle for the world.