2016 Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Pilot

Posted Wednesday, Mar 02, 2016 by nhtwpprod

Are you one of those drivers who feels they will never be old enough to drive a minivan? Even with a family of four kids? We understand. There are some people who need room and versatility, but who just don’t want to be known as the family with the minivan. The alternative comes in the form of the newest crossover vehicles. They give you the space of a minivan, the cargo room of an SUV, and the sleek look of a large car. There’s no sliding door involved with a crossover, so you can maintain your “cool.” Los Angeles car dealers offer a variety of crossover vehicles to choose from. Let’s compare two of the top crossovers on the market today and see which would suit you best.

The 2016 models of the Honda Pilot and the Toyota Highlander are both considered to be the best examples of three-row crossover SUVs. They are both affordable and safe, while offering many features and comfort amenities. The reason the 2016 Pilot is getting so much attention is because it has finally come close to catching up to the Highlander with a whole new design for this model year.

Driving a Crossover

Handling and comfort are huge areas of contention with crossovers. Some have the boxy feel of a full-sized SUV and are harder to handle than a minivan, while others may be comfortable to drive, but lack the power of an SUV, making them nothing more than a better-shaped minivan. The Pilot and the Highlander are not only powerful, but also curve-hugging, easy-to-handle small SUVs. There’s no confusion with either of these vehicles; you are definitely not in a minivan, nor are you in a full-sized SUV. These vehicles both offer the full benefit of a crossover vehicle.

Similarities Abound

Both of the crossovers have tons of useful caddies and bins, all necessary for traveling with a family. Connectivity using USB ports, charging areas, and Bluetooth make each of these vehicles ideal for hitting the road and being entertained. Each of them offers safety features and similar base prices, so what is it that makes the Toyota Highlander just a bit better than the Honda Pilot?Fuel economy is surprisingly one area where the Highlander comes out on top. By offering a hybrid option and getting overall better city and highway mileage, the Highlander is the more affordable vehicle to drive.

The other area where the Highlander beats the competition is safety. Both are listed as top safety picks by the IIHS, but the Highlander scored just a bit higher in various categories. Toyota has long been known as a forerunner in vehicle safety, and the 2016 Highlander is no different. So, while this is a close competition, there are a few important areas where the Toyota Highlander comes out ahead.

Minivan space, with SUV power, in a compact and easy-to-handle vehicle—what could be better? Visit a Los Angeles Toyota dealer today to test drive the 2016 Highlander, and you’ll see why you need never drive a minivan!