Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight

Posted Sunday, Jan 24, 2016 by nhtwpprod

When Los Angeles car dealerships took a long hard look at the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, it was to compare two very similar models. Much of the focus on hybrid models like these is on fuel economy, but that isn’t the only thing that matters. If drivers aren’t comfortable or can’t use the vehicle the way they want or need to, the fuel economy isn’t going to do them much good.

While many dealerships have a ginormous inventory and a ginormous selection to match, consumers who are presented with the facts about these models stand a better chance of not getting overwhelmed, and they are better capable of making an educated decision about their purchase.

Fuel Economy

Toyota has always led the way with hybrid cars, and Los Angeles car dealerships aren’t expecting that to change any time soon. Other brands have made attempts at duplicating the Prius, but with every attempt they make, Toyota seems to step things up a notch or two, staying just ahead of the competition at every turn. Fuel economy is no exception. The Prius offers an astounding 51 mpg on the highway, and 48 mpg otherwise, while the insight only offers 44/41, respectively. That’s great mileage by most standards, but, if you’re looking for the best mileage in a hybrid, the Prius leads the way by a long shot.


The astounding fuel economy would lead one to believe that the Insight must have more power than the Prius, but Toyota managed to pull off some kind of miracle here. The Prius offers 134 horsepower with a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine, while the Insight only offers 98 horsepower with a 1.3 liter 4-cylinder engine. That is a pretty significant difference, especially when you consider the fuel economy that you get with the Prius.

Comfort and Storage

Toyota pulls off another miracle when it comes to comfort and storage. Historically speaking, hatchbacks have never been known for their level of comfort, especially when it comes to the back seat. However, the Prius has been described as having a very comfortable back seat, even when it comes to people who are taller than average. At the same time, people seem to have difficulty getting in and out of the back seat of the Insight and don’t find it especially comfortable. That can be a big deal in a vehicle made to carry 5 passengers.

The hatchback model makes it easy to store things, but how much room do you have? The Prius has a surprisingly roomy 21.6 cubic feet of room, while the Insight only offers 15.9 cubic feet. When you’re talking about a space of that size, every cubic foot makes a ginormous difference.

Los Angeles car dealerships are seeing more people who are looking for a hybrid that can save them money, but which still offers comfort and flexibility. As it stands, those people are going to be more impressed with the Prius than the Insight, because Toyota always seems to be one step ahead of the game.