Battle of the Midsize Sedans: Camry vs. Altima

Posted Thursday, Jan 07, 2016 by nhtwpprod

Are you having trouble deciding what type of new car would suit your needs? Don’t worry, there are thousands of people in the same boat as you. With the ginormous selection of makes and models of vehicles available, the choices can be downright overwhelming. Los Angeles car dealerships have made an effort to help you make the right decision. You will find that a great car dealership offers side by side comparisons of different vehicles, which will help you evaluate and decide which ones you are interested in before you even visit the lot. Today, let’s take a look at the Toyota Camry and the Nissan Altima.

Toyota Camry

For many years the Camry has been America’s bestselling midsize car. This versatile vehicle has a reputation of being safe, reliable, and affordable. While this has been a benefit for Toyota, it also puts a bullseye target firmly on the hood of the Camry, making it the car to beat. Nearly every automaker is shooting to overcome the top sales of the Camry. Both new and used models of the Camry are still flying off car dealership lots. After a 2012 redesign, the Camry offered a wider and lower stance, more legroom in the rear, and a great deal of space for the front passenger and driver. Are these changes enough to keep the Toyota Camry on the top of the heap against stiff competition like the Nissan Altima? Thanks to another series of updates in 2015, the Camry is still the car to beat.

Nissan Altima

In an effort to shed its not-so-great reputation, the Nissan Altima was given a makeover in 2013. From the ground up this car was redesigned to fit the description of a mature sedan. With better fuel efficiency and more streamlined design elements, the Altima became a contender in the midsize sedan category. The newer Altima models offer the latest in technology, safety, and interior space. These adaptations, along with the increased value, make the Altima a respectable challenger.


While the Camry offers different builds, the base models of both the Camry and the Altima feature either a 4 or 6 cylinder. Each has great fuel economy and front wheel drive. The Camry has more horsepower than the Altima, making it a winner in the power category.

Comfort and Style

Because you have so many areas that are selling points in midsized sedans, this is a hard comparison. Both vehicles have features that make them comfortable and stylish. The Altima features standard Zero Gravity seating, while the Camry provides a great deal of shoulder and leg room in the front and the rear. Both vehicles are easy to handle, with good suspension and maneuverability, but, as always, the Camry edges out in front of the Altima in this area as well.

While the Nissan Altima is making great strides in offering competition to the Toyota Camry, after all these years the Camry is still the best option for the midsized sedan market. Power, comfort, style, safety, and value are what the Camry is known for and, whether you choose a new or used model of Camry, you will get pure Toyota quality.

Buyers who are considering purchasing a new or used midsized sedan from Los Angeles car dealerships should test drive several different makes and models. Whatever you do, don’t forget to test drive a Camry before making your final decision. At North Hollywood Toyota we’re confident that the Camry will be your top choice after checking out all of the other comparable midsize sedans.