2016 Toyota Highlander vs. 2016 Honda Pilot

Posted Thursday, Dec 17, 2015 by nhtwpprod

There are some people who have sworn that, no matter the size of their family, they will never be old enough, or soccer mom enough to drive a minivan. That is understandable; however, the benefits of a minivan can’t be denied. Not only do they offer a great deal of space for the whole family, but they tend to have good gas mileage and are quite affordable. So what is the alternative for those who need space and fuel economy without sliding side doors? Los Angeles Toyota dealers would like to introduce you to the crossover. The 2016 Toyota Highlander is a wonderful, roomy, rugged option to fill your needs without resorting to a minivan. Instead of simply telling you how great this vehicle is, we’re going to compare it to the 2016 Honda Pilot and let you see just why it is such a good option.


Both the 2016 Toyota Highlander and the 2016 Honda Pilot are considered the best 3-row crossover SUVs available. They are affordable, comfortable, and safe. Both also come well equipped with handy features and a sleek look that full-sized SUVs and minivans don’t offer. Essentially, both of these vehicles are modern-day station wagons. You get plenty of seating and legroom, cargo space with no sliding side doors or bullet shaped front ends. With a stylish shape and plenty of room, this vehicle segment is going to experience a lot of growth and stiff competition over the next few years.


Both of the vehicles have ample cubbies and bins, as well as convenient and luxury features. Bluetooth connectivity, DVD entertainment systems, and navigation are great in both vehicles, but the Toyota definitely edges out ahead based on the proprietary Toyota system that has been developed over several years to be the best technology in vehicles available today. Everything, from USB ports to audio streaming, is of a higher quality and better ease of use in the Toyota.


The Toyota Highlander gives drivers and passengers a smooth and comfortable ride. While it is considered an SUV, this vehicle drives like a car but gives you all the space and durability of a much larger vehicle. There’s no hard cornering like in a minivan. Both the Highlander and the Pilot are designed for hugging curves and getting you and your family where you want to go safely, but the 2016 Highlander model goes above and beyond, with great suspension and easy handling.

If you feel like your family needs the room of a minivan but the edge of an SUV, then the 2016 Toyota Highlander may be the answer. Whether you need to load up the whole family or fill the cargo area with sports equipment, drive across town or across the state, the Highlander gives you space, comfort, and fuel efficiency that beats the Honda Pilot in nearly every area. Visit your local Los Angeles Toyota dealership today to check out this great alternative to the old and tired minivan. Keep your sense of style while making room for the whole family to hit the road together.