Scion iM versus Chevy Sonic

Posted Tuesday, Dec 01, 2015 by nhtwpprod

There are many new vehicles that have been introduced for the 2016 model year. With so much competition in each segment of the car market, it can be hard to make a choice. Car dealers in Los Angeles offer a huge selection of makes and models for your perusal and to tempt you to make a purchase. While it may be nice to go drive a car for an hour and decide that you like it, there is more to choosing a new vehicle than just the test drive. Comparison shopping will help you find the car that suits your needs and fits your budget, and which will be the smart choice for your family. To see just how different similar vehicles can be, let’s look at the 2016 models of the Scion iM and the Chevy Sonic.

The Scion iM looks a bit sportier with the rounded back end and aggressive front grille area, but, basically, these cars are comparable.

Both Cars Offer:

  • standard driver and passenger front airbags
  • side impact air bags in front
  • driver knee airbags
  • side head airbags
  • front wheel drive
  • plastic fuel tanks
  • height adjustable front shoulder belts
  • traction control
  • four-wheel antilock brakes
  • electronic stability systems
  • daytime running lights

It can be difficult, with so many similarities, to declare one car better than the other, but there are areas to consider which will make the decision easier.

Fuel Economy

No matter the purchase price of a car, the cost of driving it should always be considered. Overall the Scion iM gets better fuel mileage than the Chevy Sonic. The 4-cylinder manual base model of the iM gets 27 city/36 highway miles to the gallon. This is just a bit higher than the Sonic’s 26/35 mpg. Another feature that helps the Scion iM rank as being more efficient at gaining and maintaining speed, which helps fuel economy, is the continuously variable transmission. This transmission has no “steps” between the gears and can keep the engine at the most efficient speed for fuel economy or keep peak horsepower for an indefinite amount of time for maximum acceleration. This transmission is not available in the Chevy Sonic. In the fuel economy area, the Scion iM is a clear winner.

Handling and Suspension

In the case of the iM versus the Sonic, the answer is clearly that the iM has better suspension. The Scion iM has fully independent front and rear suspension, front and rear stabilizer bars, and a 3-inch longer wheel base than the Sonic. The Sonic has a rear torsion beam axle with semi-independent rear suspension and no rear stabilizer bar. This means that the Scion’s wheels follow the road, grip the pavement, hug the curves, and offer a more comfortable, smoother ride. Again, the Scion iM is the winner in this area of competition.

Now that you’ve seen the ways that the Scion iM and the Chevy Sonic are similar and different, visit car dealers in Los Angeles to take test drives and choose the car you like best.