Land Cruiser Gets Wide Variety of Updates

Posted Monday, Aug 31, 2015 by nhtwpprod

Los Angeles Toyota dealers can tell you that when Toyota finds something that works, they stick with it. The current generation of the popular Toyota Land Cruiser has remained unchanged for 8 years. In order to keep up with trends and to revamp the Land Cruiser, Toyota is giving this model a few upgrades.  Those who know and love the Land Cruiser may not think it needs any improvements, but the few subtle changes will make a big difference.
How It Looks
When it comes to appearance, most of the visual changes are in the front. The Land Cruiser will now feature a big, tough chromed grille with horizontal slats and a revised lower bumper sporting chrome trim and small fog lights. The headlights will also be revised to be more modern and include integrated LED daytime running lights.  New door handles and two new available paint colors are the only visible changes to the body. In the rear the bumper has been updated, and there are new LED light fixtures. You can also choose from new alloy wheel designs to create the look you want.
Interior Changes
The interior of the Land Cruiser has always been pretty upscale. The changes just make it more posh. There is even more soft-touch material throughout the cabin, a dual 10 in. screen rear seat entertainment system, and wireless phone charging. The center console consists of a cooler box, USB port, and cup holders.
Safety Measures
With the addition of Frontal Collision Avoidance, Front Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Blind Spot Monitor, the Land Cruiser is safer than ever. Add in automatic high beams, a rear-view camera, and adaptive cruise control, and you’ll find there’s nothing to worry about. All of these safety features come standard on the new Land Cruiser.
Engine Adaptations
Rather than follow suit with other vehicle manufacturers and downsizing, the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser boasts a 5.7 liter VA with 381 horsepower and 401 feet of torque. With full time four-wheel drive and an eight speed transmission, this machine is ready to roll. The standard towing package can easily handle up to 8,500 pounds.  Whether you’re heading out for a road trip, or an off-road weekend, the Land Cruiser has the power and the handling to get you where you want to go.
The Land Cruiser has been a top-seller in its current design. Off and on-road drivers enjoy the power, the room, and the safety features. When the new model hits Los Angeles Toyota dealers’ lots in late 2015, there is likely going to be a huge increase in sales. The changes in the Land Cruiser may not be big, but they will make a big difference in how the vehicle accommodates passengers, and keeps everyone inside the vehicle safe and sound.
If you want to compare the old model with the new, visit North Hollywood Toyota later this fall and test drive both. Drivers who have never experienced a ride in a Land Cruiser are in for a treat, and fans will be fascinated with the new look and great features.