New Expansion at Toyota Technical Center in Michigan

Posted Friday, Jul 31, 2015 by nhtwpprod

June 11, 2015 was a big day for Toyota. In Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Toyota Technical Center, a 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro pushed a plow to officially break ground on the expansion that will change how Toyotas are made in the United States. The Toyota Technical Center may not be of interest to Los Angeles car dealerships at the moment, but, once the expansion is completed, it will make a difference to car dealers across the country.

Unification for Better Organization

Toyota is working to unify all North American operations. This is going to involve new headquarters in Plano, Texas, and a big investment in Michigan with the research and development expansion. This will help intensify the engineering, product development, and procurement capabilities of Toyota in North America. The new expansion is also creating jobs in the Ann Arbor area, so residents are welcoming the construction! As part of the ground-breaking celebration, Toyota also donated 3 Tundra trucks to 3 local fire departments.

An Investment in the Future

The expansion of the Toyota Technical Center is a $126 million project. There will be two new buildings erected in York Township—a prototype facility and a Supplier Center. The new buildings on the campus will allow day-to-day collaboration between important areas, such as the engineering design team, purchasing group, and supplier partners. This will, in turn, better satisfy the needs of Toyota’s North American customers, in the near future and for years to come.

Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz said at the groundbreaking ceremony, “Investments here in Michigan will intensify Toyota’s engineering, product development, and procurement capabilities. The impact of this will be felt by our customers through improved quality, adoption of new technologies, and greater value of the vehicles we produce.”

Job Transfers

Along with the jobs related to the construction and expansion project, there are likely to be new positions available at the expanded site when construction is complete. For now, Toyota is relocating a little over 300 employees and team members to Michigan from Erlanger, Kentucky and California. This helps establish a more well-rounded and complete campus for the North American production of Toyota vehicles.

Toyota is showing Americans that the company is here to do more than sell cars and trucks. The dedication of Toyota not only to safety and technological advances, but also to communities and consumers is a major factor in how people perceive the huge company. When the North American CEO is present and visible for many events across the country it shows that there are real people behind the name, and that is important for Americans. Toyota is a friendly company, and making investments such as this shows how much they care about having facilities based in the U.S.

So, while Los Angeles car dealerships may not be invested in the news of this expansion, they will reap the benefits once construction is complete in 2016. Toyota vehicles will be produced faster, delivered to sales lots in a timelier manner, and any problems will be handled by “in country” Toyota professionals.