Toyota Ventures to Texas for i-Rodeo

Posted Friday, Jul 24, 2015 by nhtwpprod

Los Angeles Toyota dealers missed out on a great event recently.  The i-Rodeo was created to strike a familiar chord with Texans with the rodeo reference and to introduce residents to the i-Road and COMS by Toyota.  What is the i-Road and COMS? A three wheeled electric vehicle and a super compact electric vehicle. There were 65 participants that attended the event at the American Airlines center in Dallas, TX. Each participant was able to drive the vehicles, ask questions about driving habits and how the electric and ultra compact vehicles would be useful in their daily lives.

Can you think of any ways in which you would be able to save money, fuel, and travel time in your regular car, while being eco-friendly? Most of us are already doing all we can to make changes in our driving habits so that we can achieve these goals. Toyota is about to make it much easier.

Forget Family Travel This Vehicle Is for Individuals

Compact, electric vehicles, and even one that has only 3-wheels? Electric is expected, as that has been the goal of hybrids and other eco-friendly vehicles for several years. But just how compact does a vehicle need to be? Can a family use one of these tiny cars? To put it simply, the size of these vehicles makes them ideal for a commuter in a large city area. Besides not contributing to the smog factor, they also take up less room on the road and would be ideal for crowded commutes. The goal is not to create another family vehicle, but to create an energy-efficient vehicle for individuals looking to travel small distances.

The Chief Executive Officer of Toyota North America, Jim Lentz, said, “As we look for ways to ease congestion in major hubs like the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we are exploring how these types of electric vehicles may fit into the transportation landscape.” While there are no specific plans for other i-Road or COMS demonstrations or sales in the U.S., at the moment, there are demo programs already underway in both France and Japan to see how these vehicles perform in urban markets. Japanese buyers can purchase COMS vehicles currently. You can bet that as soon as these compact electric vehicles are for sale in the U.S. they will be practically flying off the Los Angeles Toyota dealers’ car lots.

Will i-Road Become a Common Everyday Vehicle in the U.S.?

Toyota is an innovator, and the company has made great strides toward electric and eco-friendly transportation over the past 20 years. From the introduction of the hybrid Prius, to the brand new Mirai hydrogen powered car, consumers have learned that if they want safety, comfort, and advanced technology, then Toyota is the way to go.

The challenge of offering eco-friendly vehicles that take up less space for crowded city areas is one that Toyota has been working on for quite some time. The “i-Rodeo” in Texas was not the first focus group for the i-Road and the COMS. While Los Angeles Toyota dealers may have missed out on the Texas event, there was a group showing off this technology in Silicon Valley, California in February 2015. California, and more specifically the Los Angeles area, is going to be a huge market for these vehicles, so keep an eye out for demonstrations and test drives to hit the area soon.