Happy Father’s Day from Toyota

Posted Wednesday, Jun 17, 2015 by nhtwpprod

When it comes to appealing to a target market, Toyota has made the dunk shot with this year’s Father’s Day advertising. Toyota has released two 3-minute web films dedicated to fathers, and will erect a monument declaring “I (heart) Dad” on the Santa Monica Beach Pier in Southern California. If you live in the area, be sure to visit the monument with your dad.  Here’s hoping that Los Angeles Toyota dealers will be streaming the memorable and heart-string-tugging films on screens in their lobbies!

Manly Films

The films from Saatchi & Saatchi entitled “Father’s Day Reunion” and “Father’s Day Redo” are straightforward, thoughtful and emotional, without being sappy and overly sentimental. You may not be leaking tears after watching them, but you will definitely have a case of the “warm and fuzzies.” Compared to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is often overlooked; after all, fathers are men, and shedding tears and being emotional isn’t looked at as being particularly manly. But all dads will love being shown some appreciation.

In Father’s Day Reunion, Phil Eastman hasn’t spent a Father’s Day with his dad in 15 years, and Toyota selected him for a surprise visit to Wyoming to see his dad. The film shows both Eastman and his father’s perspective as they share their feelings about their relationship.  It is a meaningful 3 minutes of a father and son connecting, despite years and miles that have come between them after Eastman’s parents divorced when he was 8 years old.

Father’s Day Redo is a collection of street interviews. Several people admit that they aren’t sure when Fathers Day is, or that they don’t remember getting their dad a present, while others tell what they did to honor their dads. These are everyday people discussing the importance of fathers and how to show our appreciation for them.

Subtle Advertising

Sure, there are Toyota vehicles shown in the films, but the main point of these films is connection and family, instead of pure advertising. Viewers can infer that Toyota makes vehicles, which can make it possible for them to journey to see their fathers for Father’s Day.  Subtle advertising in commercials which reach the heart are becoming more popular. It’s better to reach a person on a personal level, than to bombard them with a brand name and impersonal ads.

Everyone knows that advertising that touches the heart is the most effective way to make consumers remember your name. No one in the United States can see a Clydesdale without thinking of the simple, emotional Budweiser advertising campaigns. If Toyota keeps up this trend which began with the “My Bold Dad” commercial shown in this year’s Super Bowl, thoughts of family and personal connections will lead to remembering Toyota and these films.

Join North Hollywood Toyota and other local Toyota dealerships in appreciating Dad this Father’s Day. Why not take your dad for a test drive of a new Toyota, or recommend the Toyota Father’s Day films located on YouTube, and watch them together?  You can view these films here and here.