The Toyota GT86 Gets a New Look

Posted Monday, May 18, 2015 by nhtwpprod

While you may not see the new 2016 Toyota GT86 at your local Toyota dealer as soon as you’d like, it is coming! Since the removal of the Toyota Celica from the lineup in 2006, Toyota vehicles haven’t exactly been known for their sportiness, speed, or fun. Typically, in the past several years, it has been all about safe family sedans, minivans, and hybrids.

But, in 2012, Toyota finally released a sporty car called the GT86. Compared to other sporty cars on the market, the GT86 lacked power, but it offered a great stiff suspension and back-to-basics sports style. Toyota fans rallied around the vehicle because it offered a break from the humdrum Toyota lineup they’d come to expect. When one car is the grand total of sports vehicle offerings from a top manufacturer, people expect it to be pretty darn impressive. Sadly, the GT86 fell short in a few areas; it was a good start, but desperately in need of a makeover right from the start. It was a sporty car, but nothing like the Celica, Supra, or MR2 that Toyota used to make.

Finally, the GT86 is getting that makeover. According to Toyota, the newly redesigned GT86 will be released in the spring of 2016. Consumers can expect major changes in the new car that make it not only faster, but also more of a pleasure to drive. With changes being made inside and out, it’s possible that Toyota may have redesigned the GT86 into Celica territory. After all these years of boring family cars, Toyota needs a bit of “oomph” in the performance area, and the GT86 for 2016 just may be the ticket.

Exterior Changes

There will be a major redesign of the body panels on the new GT86. Look for new bumpers, updated headlights, a wider and lower grille, and a restyled hood. All of these changes will work to help the GT86 not only look sportier, but to improve aerodynamics and stance for better speed and handling.  The GT86 already has a sporty look, but these changes will make it more of a contender in a very competitive market.

Engine and Performance Changes

In the quest for more power and, thus, more speed, the new GT86 will have a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine that will serve up 208 horsepower. There is also a newly reworked intake manifold to improve fuel efficiency and performance off the starting line. Sachs dampers, a reworked rear suspension sub frame, and a few chassis tweaks will help this new model handle the burst of power without overwhelming the driver with challenging handling problems.

If you are looking for a sporty car that offers all the reliance and safety for which Toyota is known, it may be worth the wait to check out the new GT86. This is Toyota’s new fun car: With a sleek sporty look, and comfortable and technologically advanced cockpit and passenger area, there’s no reason not to add this vehicle to your list of new cars to check out. Be sure to visit North Hollywood Toyota for a test drive when the new GT86 arrives in early 2016!