2016 Toyota Prius Offers Big Changes

Posted Monday, May 18, 2015 by nhtwpprod

North Hollywood Toyota is looking forward to the arrival of the 2016 Toyota Prius. According to reports, this redesigned vehicle will be truly groundbreaking when it hits Toyota dealer lots in Southern California. Since the initial introduction of the Prius 18 years ago, there have been many redesigns and changes made to make this hybrid one of Toyota’s top sellers. Later this year the 2016 Prius will be introduced and, based on many reports, fans will have something else to love when it comes to the redesign.
The First Name in Hybrid Vehicles

There are not many hybrid models available, which means that the competition is fierce among manufacturers. This niche market caters to those who want affordable eco-friendly vehicles, and Toyota has been the leader since the introduction of the Prius. Initially, the Prius car was thought of as odd; while it offered cleaner emissions, and was one of the first available hybrid vehicles, it lacked power, handling and style. The idea was good, but needed more development, tweaking, and outright changes to make it feasible and desirable as a vehicle.

Over the years Toyota has made those changes, researched and developed other options, and issued redesigns for different model years. These days the Prius is not as much of an experiment, as a tried and true way to integrate electricity and fuel to create a vehicle with better gas mileage and reduced emissions, and to help the environment, all at the same time. The most recent model of the Prius has seen great sales and received rave reviews from consumers, so why the big redesign? Because Toyota designers felt they could make it even better.

Complete Redesign for 2016

The 2016 Prius redesign is going to offer amazing fuel economy. Reportedly, drivers will get 55 miles per gallon. Because it is a gas-electric hybrid vehicle, the fuel economy is one of the main selling points, along with it being extremely eco-friendly. This Prius is the fourth generation in the line and offers many more features than just fuel-saving. There is an expanded back seat and rear cargo area in the 2016 model, making it much more family friendly. Inside and out, this Prius had been overhauled. With a lower hood, more upright windshield, and a swept-back sedan shape, the Prius will have better aerodynamics, as well as look better as you zoom down the road.

Tech Features

Technology is also going to play a huge part in the 2016 Prius. Toyota is a game changer when it comes to integrating electronic devices and offering “futuristic” options like wireless charging, touch screen displays, and gadget-friendly features. While there is no report on exactly what will be included in the Prius, the industry expects it to be phenomenal, and you can definitely expect to be able to integrate and utilize your smart phone, GPS, and tablets, in a way that makes life much easier and convenient.

Because the Prius is such an affordable and practical vehicle, it has become a benchmark in the hybrid niche, and a favorite of commuters. Look for the new 2016 Toyota Prius to arrive at North Hollywood Toyota in the early part of 2016—and you can see if the new model is ideal for your driving needs.