You’ve Never Seen a Toyota Supra Like This

Posted Monday, Apr 13, 2015 by nhtwpprod

As car designers and manufacturers are coming up with so-called “supercars,” everything seems to be getting sportier, sleeker, and faster. The Toyota Supra is getting ready to blow car enthusiast’s minds in 2018. Besides the way it looks, which is amazingly futuristic and fast, the other big news is that the new Supra is a part of a collaboration between Toyota and BMW called Silk Road. Essentially, this vehicle will have a very modern and aesthetically pleasing Toyota body over a turbocharged, inline 6-cylinder BMW engine. BMW will also provide the rear-drive chassis.

Does this collaboration mean we should look for BMW to start adopting some of Toyota’s specialties and producing hybrid vehicles? There hasn’t been any mention of that, but with these two vehicle powerhouses sharing designs, cash, and technology, never say never!

Drive the Dream

This is not a vehicle for the faint of heart or those on a budget. You can expect the new Toyota Supra to be comparable price-wise to a new Porsche 911, the Tesla, or the BMW i8. These are cars that are made for “drivers,” not people who are commuting to work and taking the kids to soccer practice. You’ll feel like Bruce Wayne in the Batmobile when you slide behind the wheel, and the price reflects that feeling!

The concept was unveiled back in 2014 at the Detroit Auto Show, and it received a great deal of attention. However, this merging has some car enthusiasts up in arms. On the Bold Ride website, a blurb post was made about the new Supra, and the comments from readers ranged from approval, to supporting one manufacturer over the other, to trashing both manufacturers.

Drivers Are Opinionated

Some car enthusiasts are thrilled to see what will come from the innovative minds of BMW and Toyota, while others feel that everything is wrong with this picture, from the European engine to the worry that hybrid technology will come into play. For some drivers this seems like the best of both worlds. Toyota is known for modern technology, safety, and design, while BMW is known for speed and performance. What better combination for a supercar can you think of?

Classic Combined with Modern

How will Toyota go about keeping things “classic” for their Supra fans? The inline engine is a throwback idea, when many newer sports cars are going for boxer engines. The upside to this choice is that BMW is known for amazing I6 engines and will work with Toyota to make sure this car has the power to go with the look.

When you combine two prominent vehicle designers and manufacturers, and let them use their imagination, skills, and technology to create a brand new vehicle unlike any other, you may find it hard to consider the resulting car to be a Supra. But it is indeed a Toyota Supra, with a BMW under the hood.

While the new Supra isn’t supposed to be released until 2018, you can visit North Hollywood Toyota and check out all the sporty Toyotas on the lot. Maybe you will find something that will meet your need for speed until the new Supra arrives!