Review of the All New 2015 Toyota Yaris

Posted Monday, Mar 30, 2015 by nhtwpprod

When you think of Toyota, your mind probably does not go immediately to the Yaris. There are many more popular models under the Toyota name. Overlooking this vehicle is a mistake that many car shoppers are making. In reality, while it does not get the publicity that other Toyota models get, the 2015 Yaris is definitely a car to consider.

Comfort and Options

Anyone looking for a subcompact vehicle with several options should check out the Yaris. You can get this car in a two or four door sedan, or three or five-door lift back, to meet your needs. Whether you are loading up the family, or getting away for a weekend, there’s plenty of room (more than the Scion iQ). Even 6-feet-tall passengers can ride easily and comfortably in the front or the rear, despite the fact that this is a subcompact that sits very low to the ground.


If safety is what you’re looking for, the 2015 Yaris has nine airbags, and a reinforced frame that has been tightened and firmed for a smoother and safer ride. The interior is packed with updates and changes to make the Yaris more driver and passenger friendly. Just a few of these changes are improved seats, a 6.1 inch touchscreen on the dash, and large knobs for temperature and radio. The single front windshield wiper is also a great feature, making driving in rain easy and much safer than with other vehicles.


Taking advantage of every possible bit of space, the designers of the 2015 Yaris have included an array of cubbies, a great console, and even space for a mini-spare under the rear cargo area floor. The Yaris is technology ready with a full Entune audio system, touch screen, AM/FM CD player, HD radio, auxiliary audio jack, USB port, voice recognition, Bluetooth, and hands-free phone capability. This is a vehicle that will fit your busy life and work with all of your electronic devices.

When it comes to performance, it is important to remember that the Yaris is considered an economy car. You won’t be street racing in this vehicle, but this car is a performer when it comes to commuting. Buyers can choose from the 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission in L, LE, and SE versions. It boasts 106 horsepower and 103 lb-ft. torque. For merging and traveling in traffic, the 1.5 liter 4-cylinder is efficient and responsive.

Despite the fact that the Yaris is considered a subcompact, crossover SUV vehicle, it gets great gas mileage. In comparison with the Prius C, the Yaris is a great deal larger, yet routinely gets 33 mpg and costs less than the competition. With great fuel economy, all-wheel-drive, and a fresh new look, the 2015 Yaris is a contender in the subcompact marketplace.

While you may not instantly think of the Yaris when you think of Toyota, if you are in the market for a new sub-compact this year, you should head to North Hollywood Toyota to see the 2015 Yaris and take one for a test drive.