And the Most Popular Toyota Color Is …

Posted Monday, Mar 16, 2015 by nhtwpprod

Quick, think of your favorite car color. Were you like many readers and thought red? North Hollywood Toyota has Toyota models in shades of red including Barcelona Red Metallic—and to a lot of car buyers, they just scream excitement and flash.

Nope. Not even close. If you chose green, congratulations—not for picking the most popular, but for being extremely unique. Green is one of the least chosen car colors by consumers.

So what is the most popular? 

… White.

No color is the most popular color in North America. PPG, a leading manufacturer of automobile coatings, has conducted studies over the years, and white has consistently been chosen by over 20% of car buyers as their top color choice. Silver and black come in second. For other parts of the world:

Europe’s favorite color is black, followed by white and silver.

The Asia/Pacific area favors silver, followed by white and black.

The same top three, with some switching of the ranking. If you watch the roads at all—and if you drive, hopefully you do—this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. What does make it interesting, though, is that in looking at some of the other statistics in the study, it is not apparent why these colors are so popular. 

Color Is Important

Here are some other interesting numbers about color from the PPG study:

  • 48% said they generally choose products based on color.
  • 30% said car color was important in car decisions.
  • 31% said they would pay extra to get a color that expressed their personality.
  • 40% said they wish there were a wider range of colors available.

Luxury car and SUV owners were more likely to pay extra to get the color of their choice.

Car color seems to be an important factor in choosing cars, yet white, black, and silver remain the top choices. 

Toyota Gives You Options

Even though white is the color of choice in North America, Toyota gives you many variations and finishes of white from which to choose. Here are just a few examples of white and silver available in different Toyota models:

  • Camrys offer Blizzard Pearl, Super White, and Crème Brulee Mica
  • Corollas offer the Blizzard Pearl, Super White, and Classic Silver Metallic
  • The Sienna comes in Super White, Blizzard Pearl, and Silver Sky Metallic
  • The Prius comes in Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, and Sea Glass Pearl

You can still choose the popular color and express your personality at the same time, with shades of white, and by choosing matte, metallic, or flat finishes. 

No Matter Your Color Choice, North Hollywood Toyota Has the Car for You

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