The Toyota Tacoma – History Leading to the Latest 2016 Model

Posted Friday, Feb 20, 2015 by nhtwpprod

The Toyota Tacoma is undoubtedly one of the most popular and durable trucks available on the market today. As you learn more about the improvements Toyota has made to the Tacoma entering 2015, it is fun to look back to see just how the truck evolved to this point. Did you know that the Tacoma has its roots in early Toyota history, much farther back than its debut in 1995?

In 1935 Toyota introduced the G1, an early pickup truck that eventually gave way to the Stout in 1964. These two classic vehicles paved the way for the Tacoma, which originally offered 190 horsepower and didn’t even come with passenger side airbags until 1998. Additional features, such as daytime running lights, a new vertical grille, and fuel efficiency upgrades, led Tacoma in 2014 to become the become the bestselling pickup truck in the country since 2008.

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