Toyota’s Fuel Cell Vehicle

Posted Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014 by nhtwpprod

The automotive industry has come a long way when it comes to sustainable and energy-efficient technology. Toyota is currently pioneering this direction in the industry as it continues to develop a fuel cell vehicle. The goal of fuel cell technology is to use hydrogen as a fuel source, effectively eliminating the carbon footprint left by standard vehicles.

You might be wondering how a fuel cell car works. Toyota has created a model for this innovative technology in which hydrogen is stored in the vehicle’s fuel cell. Specialized vents and filters would then allow the outside air to flow into the fuel cell, causing a reaction upon contact with the hydrogen, generating electricity which powers the car.

Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle is innovative for a variety of reasons. Not only does this car perform to the high standards set by Toyota, it is also an environmentally friendly approach to travel. Performance is uncompromised, all while boasting zero emissions and a smooth driving experience.

Would you drive a fuel cell car? The following infographic gives you even more details on how Toyota plans to provide such innovative technology in coming years.

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